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fwleov" , oJ , a hole, den, of lions, Babr.; of foxes, N.T. (Deriv. unknown.) Hence fwleuvw


fwleuvw , to lurk in a hole or den, Theocr., Babr.


fwnavei" , Dor. for fwnhvei" .


fwnaskevw , f. hvsw , to practise ones voice, learn to sing or declaim, Dem.


fwnaskiva , hJ , practice of the voice, declamation, Dem.


fwnaskikov" , hv, ovn , of or for exercising the voice, f. o[rganon a pitch-pipe, Plut. From fwnaskov"


fwn-askov" , oJ , ( ajskevw ) one who exercises the voice, a singing-master, declaiming-master, Sueton.


fwnevw , f. hvsw , ( fwnhv ) to produce a sound or tone:

1. properly of men, to speak loud or clearly, or simply to speak, Hom., etc.;—c. acc. cogn., o[pa fwnhvsasa making the voice sound, Od.; so, bevko" f . to utter the sound bevko" , Hdt.; so with neut. Adj., mevgista fwnevein to have the loudest voice, Id.; mevga f . Aesch.:—absol. to cry aloud, Soph.; to sing, Theocr.

2. of animals, to utter their cries, Arist.; of the cock, to crow, N.T.
3. of a musical instrument, to sound, Eur.; but bronth; f . it has a voice, is significant, Xen.
II. c. acc. pers. to speak to, call to, Il.; c. dat. to cry to, Zeu` a[na, soi; fwnw` Soph.
2. to call by name, call, Id., N.T.
3. f. tina , c. inf., to command one to do, se; fwnw` mh; sugkomivzein Soph.
III. c. acc. rei, to speak or tell of, Aesch., Soph.


fwnhv , hJ , ( favw ) a sound, tone, properly the sound of the voice, mostly of men, Lat. vox , Hom., etc.; of a battlecry, Xen.; fwnh;n rJhgnuvnai , Virgils rumpere vocem, to utter an articulate sound, Hdt., Ar.; f. iJevnai , Lat. vocem edere , Hdt., etc.: pl. aiJ f . the tones of the voice, Plat.:—proverb., fwnh`/ oJra`n , of a blind man, Soph.

2. the voice or cry of animals, Od., Hdt., etc.
3. any articulate sound, as opp. to inarticulate ( yovfo" ), Soph., etc.
4. of sounds from inanimate objects, f. surivggwn Eur.; ojrgavnwn Plat.
II. the faculty of speech, discourse, Lat. sermo , Soph.
2. language, Lat. lingua , Hdt.
3. a kind of language, dialect, Aesch., Thuc., etc.

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