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III. a phrase, saying, th;n Simwnivdou f . Plat. Hence fwnhvei"


fwnhvei" , Dor. -avei" »a<Eth>1/4, essa, en : neut. pl. contr. fwna`nta :— uttering a voice or speech, endowed with speech, vocal, Hes., Eur.; bevlh (i.e. e[ph ) fwna`nta sunetoi`si speaking to the wise, Pind.: of animals, endowed with speech, Xen. 2. of a song, sounding, Pind.
3. ta; fwnhventa (with and without gravmmata ) vowels.


fwvnhma , tov , ( fwnevw ) a sound made, voice, Soph.

2. a thing spoken, speech, language, Id.


fwnhtov" , hv, ovn , ( fwnevw ) to be spoken, Anth.

fwvr, FW vR

FW vR , oJ , gen. fwrov" , a thief, Lat. fur , Hdt., etc.

II. fwrw`n limhvn , a harbour near Athens, a little westward of Peiraeeus, used by smugglers, Dem. Hence fwrav


fwrav , Ion. fwrhv , hJ , a theft, Bion. Hence fwravw


fwravw , f. avsw »a<Eth>1/4 , to search after a thief or theft, search a house, Ar.

2. in Pass. to be detected, Dem.; with part., klevpth" w]n fwra`sqai Dem.; so, kako;" »w]n1/4 ejfwravqh fivloi" Eur.:—also of things, ajrguvrion ejfwravqh ejxagovmenon money was discovered to be in course of exportation, Xen.


fwria±mov" , hJ , a chest, trunk, coffer, esp. for clothes and linen, Hom. (Derivation unknown.)


fwrivdio" , a, on , poët. for fwvrio" , stolen, Anth.


fwvrio" , on , ( fwvr ) stolen: ta; f . stolen goods, Luc.

II. metaph. secret, clandestine, Theocr.

fwv", FW vS

FW vS , gen. fwtov", oJ : dual fw`te, fwtoi`n : pl. fw`te", fwtw`n, fwsiv : used by Poets, just like ajnhvr , a man, Hom., Trag.

II. a man, as opp. to a woman, Od., Soph.; du[ oijktrw; fw`te , of a man and his wife, Eur.
III. a man, opp. to a god, Il., Aesch.

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