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yhfoforiva , hJ , vote by ballot, Arist .: generally, voting, Plut. From yhfofovro"


yhfo-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) giving ones vote.


yhvcw , f. yhvxw , ( yavw ) to rub down, curry a horse, Xen. :— to stroke, pat, Lat. mulcere , Eur.

II. to rub down, wear away, Anth.


yiva±qo" , hJ , a rush mat, Ar .; Dor. pl. acc. yiavqw" , Id. (Deriv. unknown.)


yiav" , avdo", hJ , = yakav" , a drop, Il.

yivzw, YI vZW

YI vZW : pf. pass. e[yismai :— to feed on pap: Pass. to be so fed, Anth.


yiØquØrivzw , Dor. -sdw : f. Att. iw` : ( yivquro" ):— to whisper, say into the ear, Plat ., Theocr. :— metaph. , o{tan plavtano" pteleva/ yiqurivzh/ when the plane whispers to the elm, Ar. Hence yiquvrisma


yiØquvrisma , ato", tov , a whispering, Anth .: of trees rustling, Theocr .; and yiqurismov"


yiØquØrismov" , oJ , a whispering, Luc.

2. whispering, slandering, N.T .; and yiquristhv"


yiØquØristhv" , ou`, oJ , a whisperer: a slanderer, N.T.

yivquro", YI vQU ROS

YI vQ ØUROS »iØ1/4, on , whispering: slanderous, Soph.

II. as Subst. , yivquro", oJ , = yiquristhv" , a whisperer, slanderer, Pind.
2. twittering, of birds, Anth. (Perh. formed from the sound.)


yi<Eth>liØkov" , hv, ovn , of or for a light-armed soldier ( yilov" ): ta; yilikav , = oiJ yiloiv , the light troops, Luc.


yi<Eth>lo-metriva , hJ , heroic poetry, as not being accompanied by music ( v. yilov" iv. 2), Arist.

yi lov", YI LO vS

YI-LO vS , hv, ovn , bare,

I. of land, yilh; a[rosi" a bare corn-field, Il.; pedivon mevga te kai; yilovn Hdt .: c. gen ., gh` yilh; dendrevwn land bare of trees, Id.:— yilh; gewrgiva the tillage of land for corn, opp. to g.

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