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yudnov" , hv, ovn , or yudrov" , av, ovn , ( yeuvdomai ) false, Theogn.


yuvqo" »uØ1/4, eo", tov , poët. collat. form of yeu`do" , a lie, untruth, Aesch.


yukthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( yuvcw ) a wine-cooler, a vessel holding from 2 to metrhtaiv , Plat.

yuvlla, YU vLLA

YU vLLA , h", hJ , a flea, Lat. pulex , Ar ., Xen.


yullo-toxovth" , ou, oJ , a flea-archer, Comic word in Luc. formed like iJppo-toxovth" .


yu`xai , aor. I inf. of yuvcw .


yu<Eth>ca±gwgevw , f. hvsw , ( yucagwgov" ) to lead departed souls to the nether world, of Hermes, Luc.

II. metaph. to attract the souls of the living, to win over, persuade, allure, Xen ., etc. : in bad sense, to inveigle, delude, Isocr. Hence yucagwgiva


yu<Eth>ca±gwgiva , hJ , a winning of souls, persuasion, Plat.


yu<Eth>ca±gwgikov" , hv, ovn , attractive, persuasive, Plat.


yu<Eth>c-a±gwgov" , ovn , leading souls to the nether world, of Hermes.

II. evoking souls to question them, evoking the dead, Aesch .:—as Subst. a necromancer, psychagogue, Eur.


yu<Eth>c-a±pavth" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , beguiling the soul, Anth.


yu<Eth>cavrion »a±1/4, tov , Dim. of yuchv , Plat.


yu<Eth>ceinov" , hv, ovn , ( yuvcw ) cooling, cool, fresh, Xen.


yu<Eth>chv , hJ , ( yuvcw ) breath, Lat. anima , esp. as the sign of life, the life, spirit, Hom ., etc. ; yuchv te mevno" te yuchv te kai; aijwvn, yuch; kai; qumov" Hom .; to;n dÆ e[lipe yuchv , of one swooning, Il.; yuch;n parqevmeno" staking or risking ones life, Od.; so, ejmh;n yuch;n paraballovmeno" Il.; peri; yuch`" for ones life, i.e. to save it, Od.; mavcesqai, qevein peri; yuch`" Hom .; trevcein peri; yuch`" Hdt. ; oJ peri; th`" yuch`" ajgwvn the struggle is for life and death, Soph .; poinh;n th`" Aijswvpou

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