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qavyo" , hJ , a plant or wood used for dyeing yellow, brought from Thapsos, Theocr. * QA W , Ep. for the prose qhlavzw : only in Med. , parevcousin gavla qh`sqai they give milk to suck, Od.; aor. I , qhvsato mazovn he sucked the breast, Il.; part. , qhsavmeno" sucking, h. Hom.

II. Causal, to suckle a child, Id. -qe , inseparable suffix, v. -qen .

qeav, QE vA, qeav

QE vA , hJ , fem. of qeov" , a goddess, Hom .; often with another Subst. , qea; mhvthr Il.:— ta; qeav in dual are Demeter and Persephoné (Ceres and Proserpine) Soph. ; aiJ semnai; qeaiv the Furies, Id.


qeva<Eth> , Ion. qevh , hJ , ( qavomai, qeavomai ) a seeing, looking at, view, qevh" a[xio" = ajxioqevhto" , Hdt. ; qevan labei`n to take or get a view, Soph.

2. aspect, diapreph;" th;n qevan Eur.
II. that which is seen, a sight, spectacle, Trag.
III. the place for seeing from, a seat in the theatre, Aeschin ., Dem.


qevaina± , hJ , Ep. for qeav , a goddess, Hom.


qeva<Eth>ma , Ion. qevhma , ato", tov , ( qeavomai ) that which is seen, a sight, show, spectacle, Trag ., Thuc. , etc.


qeavmwn »a<Eth>1/4 , Ion. qehvmwn , oJ, hJ , a spectator, Anth. From qeavomai


qeavomai , Ion. qhevomai : imper. qew` ; Ep. 2 sing. opt. qhoi`o (for qew`/o ); Ion. part. qheuvmeno" ; Ion. impf. 3 sing. and pl. ejqhei`to, ejqheu`nto , Ep. qhei`to, qheu`nto :— fut. qeavsomai »a<Eth>1/4 , Ion. -hvsomai : aor. I ejqea<Eth>savmhn , Ion. ejqhhsavmhn : pf. teqeva<Eth>mai : Dep. :— to look on, gaze at, view, behold, Hom ., Hdt. , Att. ; ejqea`to th;n qevsin th`" povlew" reconnoitred it, Thuc.

2. to view as spectators, oiJ qewvmenoi the spectators in a theatre, Ar. :— metaph. , q. to;n povlemon to be spectators of the war, Hdt.

3. q. to; stravteuma to review it, Xen.


qeavrion »a<Eth>1/4, tov , Dor. for qewvrion , the place where the qewroiv met, Pind. From qearov"


qea<Eth>rov" , oJ , Dor. for qewrov" .


qea<Eth>tevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of qeavomai , to be seen, Plat.

II. qeatevon , one must see, Id.

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