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qei`on , tov , the divinity, v. qei`o" II .


qei`o" , a, on : Ep. qeveio", qehvi>o" : Lacon. sei`o" : Comp. and Sup. qeiovtero", -ovtato", qewvtero" being Comp. of qeov" : ( qeov" ):

1. of or from the gods, sent by the gods, issuing from them, divine, Hom ., Hdt. , Att. ; q. novso" of a whirlwind, Soph. ; qeiva/ tini; moivra/ by divine intervention, Xen. ; so, qeivh/ tuvch/ Hdt .:— appointed of God, basilh`e" Od.

2. belonging or sacred to a god, in honour of a god, holy, Hom .: under divine protection, dovmo" Id.; of heralds and minstrels, Id.

3. like qespevsio", iJerov" , Lat. divinus , of anything more than human, wondrous: of heroes, divinely strong, great, beautiful, etc ., Hom. ; and as a mere mark of respect, excellent, qei`o" uJforbov" Od.; so, q. prhvgmata marvellous things, Hdt. ; ejn toi`si qeiovtaton one of the most marvellous things, Id.; so, at Spart, qei`o" (or rather sei`o" ) ajnhvr was a title of distinction, Plat ., Arist.

II. as Subst. , qei`on, tov , the Divine Being, the Divinity, Deity, Hdt ., Aesch.
2. qei`a, tav , divine things, the acts and attributes of the gods, the course of providence, Soph ., Ar. , etc. : religious observances, Xen .; e[rrei ta; qei`a religion is out of date, Soph.

III. Adv. qeivw" , by divine providence, Xen .; qeiotevrw" by special providence, Hdt.

qei`o", QE `IOS

QE `IOS , oJ , ones fathers or mothers brother, uncle, Lat. patruus and avunculus, Eur ., etc.


qeiovth" , hto", hJ , divine nature, divinity, Plut.


qei`to , 3 sing. aor. 2 med. opt. of tivqhmi .


qeiovw , Ep. qeeiovw , f. wvsw , ( qei`on ) to smoke with brimstone, fumigate and purify thereby, Od.:— Med. , dw`ma qeeiou`tai he fumigates his house, Ib.: generally, to purify, hallow, Eur.


qei`", qei`sa , aor. 2 part. of tivqhmi .


qeivw , Ep. for qevw , to run.


qeivw , Ep. for qevw, qw` , aor. 2 subj. of tivqhmi .


qeivw" , v. qei`o" III .

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