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etc. :—also indeclin., qevmi" being used as acc. , fasi; qevmi" ei\nai Plat ., etc.

2. = divkh , right, law, Aesch ., Soph.
II. pl. qevmiste" , the decrees of the Gods, oracles, Dio;" qevmiste" Od.; qevmissin by oracles, Pind.
2. rights of the chief, prerogatives, skh`ptrovn tÆ hjde; qevmiste" Il.
3. laws or ordinances, oi{te qevmista" eijruvatai who maintain the laws, Ib.
4. claims to be decided by the kings or judges, oi} skolia;" krivnwsi qevmista" Ib.
III. as prop. n., gen. Qevmisto", Qevmido", Qevmito" , voc. Qevmi , Themis, goddess of law and order,



qemi-skovpo" , on , seeing to law and order, Pind.


qemi"-krevwn , onto", oJ , reigning by right, Pind.


qevmista, qevmista" , Ep. acc. sing. and pl. of qevmi" .


qemistei`o" , a, on , ( qevmi" ) of law and right, q. ska`pton the sceptre of righteous judgment, Pind.


qemisteuvw , f. sw , ( qevmi" ) to declare law and right, Lat. jus dicere , Od.: c. gen. to claim right over, to govern, Ib.

II. to give by way of answer or oracle, h. Hom. :— absol. to deliver oracles, Eur.


qemistevwn , Ep. gen. pl. of qevmi" .


qemisto-povlo" , on , ( polevw ) ministering law, h. Hom.


qemistov" , hv, ovn , = qemitov" , Aesch. :— Adv. -tw`" , Id.


qemiØteuvw , = qemisteuvw , Eur. From qemitov"


qemiØtov" , hv, ovn , ( qevmi" ) like qemistov" , allowed by the laws of God and men, righteous, h. Hom. ; ouj qemitovn »ejsti1/4 , like ouj qevmi" , Pind. , Hdt. , Att.

qemovw, QEMO vW

QEMO vW , Ep. aor. I qevmwsa , to drive or bring, nh`a qevmwse cevroon iJkevsqai forced, urged the ship to come to land, or simply, brought it to land, Od.

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