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qeopoievw , f. hvsw , to make into gods, deify, Luc. From qeopoiov"


qeo-poiov" , ovn , ( poievw ) making gods, Anth.


qeov-pompo" , on , = qeovpempto" , Pind.


qeo-povnhto" , on , ( ponevw ) prepared by the gods, Eur.


qeo-prephv" , ev" , ( prevpw ) meet for a god, Pind. Adv. -pw`" , Luc.


qeopropevw , to prophesy, only in part. masc ., qeopropevwn ajgoreuvei" Hom ., Pind. , etc. ; and qeopropiva


qeopropiva , hJ , a prophecy, oracle; and qeoprovpion


qeoprovpion , tov , a prophecy, oracle, Il.; ejk qeopropivou according to an oracle, Hdt. From qeoprovpo"


qeo-provpo" , on , ( prevpw ) foretelling things by a spirit of prophecy, prophetic, Il., Soph.

2. as Subst. a seer, prophet, diviner, Hom.
II. a public messenger sent to enquire of the oracle, Il., Hdt. , Aesch.


qeov-ptusto" , on , ( ptuvw ) detested by the gods, Aesch.


qeov-puØro" , on , ( pu`r ) kindled by the gods, Eur.


qev-orto" , on , ( o[rnumai ) sprung from the gods, celestial, Pind ., Aesch.

qeov", QEO vS, qeov"

QEO vS , oJ , Lacon. and Boeot. siov" , God, Hom ., both in general sense, Qeo;" dwvsei God will grant, and in particular sense, qeov" ti" a god; path;r ajndrw`n te qew`n te Hom .:—things are said to happen su;n qew`/, suvn ge qeoi`sin by the will of God, Id., etc. ; oujk a[neu qeou` , Lat. non sine diis , Od.; oujk a[neuqe qeou`
Il.; ouj qew`n a[ter Pind .;— ejk qeovfi Il.;— uJpe;r qeovn against his will, Ib.;— kata; qeovn tina , Lat. divinitus , Eur .:—as an oath, pro;" qew`n by the gods, in Gods name, Trag .; qeo;" i[stw Soph ., etc.

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