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qeov-foro" , on , ( fevrw ) possessed by a god, inspired, q. duvai the pains of inspiration, Aesch.


qeov-frwn , on , gen. ono" , ( frhvn ) godly-minded, Pind.


qeravpaina , hJ , fem. of qeravpwn , a waiting maid, handmaid, Hdt ., Xen. , etc.


qera±painivdion , tov , Dim. of sq. , Plut. , Luc.


qera±painiv" , ivdo", hJ , = qeravpaina , Plat.


qera±peiva , Ion. -hi?h , hJ , ( qerapeuvw ) a waiting on, service, q. qew`n service done to the gods, divine worship, Plat.

2. service done to gain favour, a courting, paying court, q. tw`n ajei; proestwvtwn Thuc .; ejn pollh`/ qerapeiva/ e[cein to court ones favour, Id.

II. of things, a fostering, tending, nurture, care, tou` swvmato" Plat.
2. medical treatment, service done to the sick, tending, Thuc ., Plat.
III. of animals or plants, a rearing or bringing up, tendance, Id.
IV. in collective sense, a body of attendants, suite, retinue, Hdt ., Xen.


qeravpeuma , ato", tov , medical treatment, Arist.


qera±peutevon , verb. Adj. of qerapeuvw , one must do service to, tou;" qeouv" Xen.

II. one must cultivate, th;n gh`n Plat.
2. one must cure, Id.


qera±peuthvr , h`ro", oJ , = sq. , oJ peri; to; sw`ma q . Xen.


qera±peuthv" , ou`, oJ , one who serves the gods, a worshipper, Plat.

2. one who serves a great man, a courtier, Xen.
II. one who attends to anything, c. gen ., Plat.


qera±peutikov" , hv, ovn , inclined to serve a person, c. gen ., Xen. : inclined to court, Plut.

2. absol. courteous, courtier-like, obedient, obsequious, Xen ., Plut. ; and qerapeutov"


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