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qhreuvw , f. sw :— Pass. , aor. I ejqhreuvqhn :—like qhravw , to hunt, go hunting, Od., Hdt.

II. c. acc. to hunt after, chase, catch, Id., Xen. , etc. :—of men, to hunt down, Hdt .; to lay wait for, Xen. :— Pass. to be hunted, Hdt .: to be caught, Aesch.

2. metaph. to hunt after, Id., Eur. , etc.


qhrhthvr, -hvtwr , Ion. for qhvra<Eth>thr, -avtwr .


qhrevw , Ion. for qhravw .


qhrivon , tov , in form a Dim. of qhvr , but in usage equiv. to it, a wild animal, beast, of a stag, Od.;—of savage beasts, Hdt ., Xen. , etc. ; but, of a pig, Plat. ; of a dog, Theocr. :—in pl. beasts, opp. to men, birds, and fishes, wild animals, game, Hdt ., Plat. :—proverb., h] qhrivon h] qeov" , i.e. either below or above the nature of man, Arist.

2. an animal, Hdt ., Plat.
3. a poisonous animal, reptile, serpent, N.T.
II. also as real Dim. a little animal, insect, of bees, Theocr.
III. as a term of reproach, beast! like Lat. bellua , French beÆte, Ar ., Plat. Hence qhriovth"


qhriovth" , hto", hJ , the nature of a beast, brutality, Arist.


qhriovw , f. wvsw , ( qhvrion ) to make into a wild beast.


qhri-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) full of wild beasts, infested by them, Lat. belluosus , of countries, Hdt.

II. of men, beast-like, wild, savage, brutal, Lat. belluiànus , Eur ., Plat. , etc. :— to; q . the animal nature, Eur.


qhriwdiva , hJ , = qhriovth" , Arist.


qhrivwsi" , ew", hJ , ( qhriovw ) a turning into a beast, Luc.


qhro-bolevw , f. hvsw , ( bavllw ) to slay wild beasts, Soph.


qhrov-boto" , on , ( bovskw ) where wild beasts feed, Anth.

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