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Qhshi?" , i?do" , contr. Qhsh`/" , h`/do" , fem. of Qhvseio" , of Theseus, Aesch.

II. as Subst. the Theseïd, a poem on Theseus, Arist.
2. name of a mode of haircutting, first used by Theseus, Plut.


qh`sqai , pres. pass. inf. of * qavw to suckle.


qh`ssa , fem. of qhv" , q.v.

II. Greek form of Lat. thensa , a sacred car, Plut.


qhvsw , f. of tivqhmi : Dor. qhsw` .


qhteiva , hJ , ( qhteuvw ) hired service, service, Soph.


qhteuvw , Ep. inf. qhteuevmen : f. sw : ( qhv" ) to be a serf or menial, serve for hire, Hom ., Hdt. , Att.


qhtikov" , hv, ovn , ( qhv" ) of or for a hireling, menial, Arist.

2. to; qhtikovn , the class of qh`te" , Id.


qh`tta , hJ , Att. for qh`ssa .


-qiØ , originally a termin. of the gen. , as in jIliovqi prov, hjw`qi prov Il.

II. insepar. Affix of several Substs., Adjs., and Pronouns, to which it gives an adv. sense, denoting the place at which, oi[koqi, a[lloqi , etc.


qia±"-avrch" , ou, oJ , the leader of a qivaso" , Luc.


qia±seuvw , to bring into the Bacchic company, Eur .: —Pass. to be of the Bacchic company, to be hallowed by Bacchic rites, Id. From qivaso"

qivaso", QI vA SOS

QI vØASOS , oJ , a band or company marching through the streets with dance and song, esp. in honour of Bacchus, a band of revellers, Hdt ., Eur. , etc.

2. generally, any party, company, troop, Eur ., Xen.

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