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qu<Eth>mavlwy »a±1/4, wpo", oJ , ( tuvfw ) a piece of burning wood or charcoal, a hot coal, Ar.


qu<Eth>ma<Eth>revw , to be well-pleased, Theocr. From qumarhv"


qu<Eth>m-a<Eth>rhv" , ev" , ( v. -hvrh" ) suiting the heart, i.e. wellpleasing, dear, delightful, Hom .: —neut. as Adv. in the form qumh`re" , Od.

quvmbra, QU vMBRA

QU vMBRA , hJ , a bitter herb, savory, Eupol. Hence qumbrepivdeipno"


qumbr-epivdeipno" , on , supping on bitter herbs, i.e. living poorly, Ar.


Quvmbri" , ido", hJ , the Tiber, Anth.


qumbro-favgo" , on , ( fa±gei`n ) eating savory, qumbrofavgon blevpein to look as if one had eaten savory, make a savory or (as we might say) a verjuice face, Ar.


quØmevlh , hJ , ( quvw ) a place for sacrifice, an altar, Aesch ., Eur.

2. qumevlai Kuklwvpwn , supposed to be the Cyclopian walls at Mycenae, Eur.
II. in the Athenian theatre, a platform in the orchestra, on the steps of which stood the leader of the Chorus, Plut. :—generally, a raised seat or stage, Id. Hence qumelikov"


quØmelikov" , hv, ovn, of or for the thymeleŒ , scenic, theatric, Plut. :— oiJ qumelikoiv , i.e. the chorus or musicians, Id.


qu<Eth>m-hgerevwn , ( ajgeivrw ) a part. with no pres. in use, gathering breath, collecting oneself, Od.


qu<Eth>m-hdhv" , ev" , ( h\do" ) well-pleasing, Od., Aesch.


qu<Eth>m-hvrh" , v. qumavrh" .


qu<Eth>miva<Eth>ma , Ion. -hma , ato", tov , that which is burnt asincense: in pl. fragrant stuffs for burning, Hdt. ,

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