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qunnoskopevw , f. hvsw , to watch for tunnies, Ar. From qunnoskovpo"


qunno-skovpo" , oJ , a tunny-watcher, i.e. one who was posted on a high place, from which he could see the shoals coming, and make a sign to the fisherman to let down their nets, Theocr.


quvnnw" , Dor. for quvnnou" , acc. pl. of quvnno" .


quvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , only in pres. and impf. , = quvw B, to rush or dart along, mostly of warriors in battle, Hom. , Pind.


quo-dovko" , on , ( quvo", devcomai ) receiving incense, full thereof, odorous, Eur.


quovei" , essa, en , ( quvo" ) laden with incense, odorous, fragrant, Il., Eur.


quvon , tov , ( quvw A) a tree, the wood of which was burnt as a perfume, Od.


qu`on , Ep. for e[quon , impf. of quvw A.

2. of quvw B.


quvo" , eo", tov , ( quvw A) dat. pl. quvessi , Ep. quevessi , Hes. ; Ep. gen. quevwn ; acc. quvh :— a sacrifice, offering, Hom ., etc.


quoskevw , to make burnt-offerings, Aesch. From quoskovo"


quo"-kovo" , ou, oJ , ( kevw = kaivw ) the sacrificing priest, Hom ., Eur.


quovw , f. wvsw , ( quvo" ) to fill with sweet smells: pf. pass. part ., e[laion tequwmevnon fragrant oil. Il.

quvra, QU vRA, quvra

QU vRA »uØ1/4 , Ion. quvrh , hJ , Ion. gen. pl. qurevwn :— a door, Hom ., mostly in pl. double or folding doors, in full diklivde" quvrai Od.: quvrhn ejpitiqevnai , to put to the door, opp. to ajnaklivnein , Il.; so, th;n q. prostiqevnai Hdt .; ejpispavsai Xen .; quvran kovptein, patavssein, krouvein , Lat. januam pulsare , to knock, rap at the door, Ar ., Plat. ; metaph. , ejpi; tai`" quvrai" at the door, i.e. close at hand, Xen.

2. from the Eastern custom of receiving petitions at the gate aiJ tou` basilevw" quvrai became a phrase, basilevw" quvrai" paideuvontai are educated at court, Id.; aiJ ejpi; ta;" quvra" foithvsei" dangling after

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