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naiveskon , Ion. impf. of naiv" .


naietavw , Ep. part. naietavwsa ; Ion. impf. naietavaskon : ( naivw ):

1. of persons, to dwell, often in Hom. and Hes.
2. c. acc. loci, to dwell in, inhabit, Hom., Hes.
II. of places, to be situated, lie, Hom.: hence to exist, jIqavkh" e[ti naietaouvsh" Il.


naivoisa , Dor. for naivousa , part. fem. of naivw .


navi>o" , a, on , Dor. for nhvi>o" .


naivciØ , Adv. for naiv , like oujciv for ouj , Soph.

naivw, NAI vW

NAI vW (A).

I. of persons, to dwell, abide, Il.,Hes., Trag.:—c. acc. loci, to dwell in, inhabit, oi\kon, dw`ma, a{la , etc., Hom., etc.:—Pass. to be inhabited, Theocr.

2. of places, to lie, be situated, Soph.
II. Causal, in Ep. aor. I e[nassa or navssa ,
1. c. acc. loci, to give one to dwell in, navssa povlin I would have given him a town for his home, Od.: also to make habitable, to build, nho;n e[nassan h. Hom.:—Pass., v. eujnaiovmeno" .

2. c. acc. pers. to let one dwell, settle him, Pind.; Pass., Ep. aor. I navsqhn , to be settled, to dwell, Il.; so, aor. I med., navssato a[gci\Elikw`no" Hes.; pf. nevnastai Anth.

naivw, NAI vW

NAI vW (B), = navw , to run over, to be full, Od.

navkh, NA vKH

NA vKH »a±1/4, hJ , a wooly or hairy skin, a goatskin, Od.

navko", NA vKOS

NA vKOS »a±1/4, tov , a fleece, Lat. vellus , Hdt., Pind., etc.


naktov" , hJ, ovn , ( navssw ) close-pressed, solid.


na`ma , ato", tov , ( navw ) anything flowing, running water, a river, stream, Trag., Plat.


na<Eth>merthv", na<Eth>mevrteia , Dor. for nhm- .

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