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nea<Eth>niva" , ou , Ep. and Ion. nehnivh" , ew, oJ , ( nevo" ) a young man, youth, with ajnhvr , Od.; so, pai`" nehnivh" Hdt.; alone, like neanivsko" , Soph., Eur., etc.

2. youthful, i.e. in good sense, impetuous, brave, active, Eur., Ar., etc.; or in bad sense, hot-headed, headstrong, Eur., Dem.

II. of things, new, young, fresh, Eur.


nea<Eth>niveuma , ato", tov , a youthful, i.e. a spirited or (in bad sense) a wanton act or word, Plat., etc. From neanieuvomai


nea<Eth>niØeuvomai , Dep., with fut. med. -euvsomai : aor. I ejneanieusavmhn ; pf. pass. neneaniveumai :—Pass. ( neaniva" ) to act like a hot-headed youth, to act wantonly, to brawl, swagger, Plat.; toiou`ton n . to make such youthful promises, Dem:—c. inf. to undertake with youthful spirit, Plut.:—Pass., ejfÆ a{pasi toi`" eJautw`/ neneanieumevnoi" to all his wanton acts, Dem.


nea<Eth>niØkov" , hv, ovn , ( neaniva" ) youthful, fresh, active, vigorous, Ar.; n. kreva" a fine large piece, Id.

2. high-spirited, impetuous, dashing, generous, gay, to; neanikwvtaton the gayest, most dashing feat, Id.; so, n. kai; megaloprepei`" ta;" dianoiva" Plat.; mevga kai; neaniko;n frovnhma Dem.

3. in bad sense, headstrong, wanton, insolent, Plat.
4. of things, vehement, mighty, Eur., Arist.
II. Adv. neanikw`" , vigorously, Ar.
2. violently, wantonly, tuvptein, twqavzein Id.


nea`ni" , Ep. and Ion. neh`ni" , iØdo", hJ , acc. -ida and -in :— a young woman, girl, maiden, Il., Trag.; of a young married woman, Eur.

II. as Adj. youthful, Id.
2. new, Anth.


nea<Eth>niskeuvomai , Dep. to be in ones youth, Xen. From neanivsko"


nea<Eth>nivsko" , Ion. nehn- , oJ , ( nevo" ) a youth, Hdt., Att.


ne-a±oidov" , ovn , singing youthfully, Anth.


neav-poli" »a<Eth>1/4, ew", hJ , a new city, prop. n. of several cities (like our Newtown), esp. Neapolis, Naples.


nea±rov" , av, ovn , poët. for nevo" , young, youthful, Il., Trag.; nearoiv youths, Aesch.;— to; n . youthful spirit, Xen.

2. of things, new, fresh, neara; ejxeurei`n Pind.; n. muelov" Aesch.
3. of events, new, recent, Soph.

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