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Eumenides, composed of water, milk, and honey, Aesch.

II. of persons, sober, N.T.

nhvfw, NH vFW, nhvfw

NH vFW , aor. I e[nhya :— to drink no wine, Theogn., Plat.; part. nhvfwn as Adj. = nhfavlio" , Hdt., Plat.

II. metaph. to be sober, dispassionate, Xen.


nhvfwn , ono", oJ, hJ , dat. pl. nhvfosi sober, Theogn., Soph.


nhvcw , Dor. navcw : Ep. impf. nh`con , inf. nhcevmenai : f. nhvxw : ( nevw B):— to swim, Od., Hes.:—also as Dep. nhvcomai , part. nhcovmeno" ; f. nhvxomai : aor. I part. nhxavmeno" Anth.: = Act., Od., Anth.


nh`yi" , hJ , ( nhvfw ) soberness, Strab.


nivgla±ro" , oJ , a pipe or whistle, used by the keleusthv" to give the time in rowing, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.)

nivzw, NI vZW

NI vZW , Ep. impf. nivzon : (the pres. nivptw , from which the tenses are formed, only in late writers): f. nivyw : aor. I e[niya , Ep. nivya :—Med., f. nivyomai : Ep. 3 sing. aor. I nivyato :—Pass., pf. nevnimmai :— to wash the hands or feet of another, Od.:—Med., cei`ra" nivyasqai to wash ones hands, Il., Hes.; so, nivyasqai , absol., to wash ones hands, Od., etc.; nivyasqai aJlov" to wash [with water] from the sea, Ib.

2. generally to purge, cleanse, Soph., Eur.
II. to wash off, iJdrw` nivyen ajpo; crwtov" washed off the sweat from the skin, Il.; ai|ma nivzÆ u{dati Ib.:— Med., crova nivzeto a{lmhn he washed the brine off his skin, Od.:—Pass., ai|ma nevniptai Il.—The word is commonly said of persons washing part of the person, while louvomai is used of bathing, pluvnw of washing clothes.


nikaxw` , Dor. for nikhvsw , fut. of nikavw .


ni<Eth>kavtwr , oro", oJ , Dor. for nikhvtwr , a conqueror, Plut.


nikaforiva, -fovro" , Dor. for nikhf- .


ni<Eth>kavw , f. hvsw : aor. I ejnivkhsa , Ep. nivkhsa : pf. nenivkhka : ( nivkh ):

I. absol. to conquer, prevail, vanquish, Hom., etc.; oJ nikhvsa" the conqueror, oJ nikhqeiv" the conquered,
Il.; ejnivkhsa kai; deuvtero" kai; tevtarto" ejgenovmhn I won the first prize, Thuc.; nika`n ejpi; paa`si kritai`" in the opinion of all the judges, Ar.; c. acc. cogn., pavnta ejnivka he won all the bouts, Il.; pagkravtion Thuc.; n. jOluvmpia to be conqueror in the Ol. games, Id., etc.

2. of opinions, to prevail, carry the day, Hom., etc.; ejk th`" nikwvsh" »gnwvmh"1/4 according to the prevailing opinion, vote of the majority, Xen.:—impers., ejnivka (sc. hJ gnwvmh ) it was resolved, Lat. visum est ,

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