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B, b, bh`ta , indecl., second letter of the Gr. alphabet: hence as numeral, bV = duvo, deuvtero" , Ëb = 2000.

I. b is the medial labial mute, between tenuis t and asp. q . The dialectic variations of b seem to be mostly due to uncertainties of pronunciation:

1. for g , as blhcwvn glhcwvn, blevfaron Dor. glevfaron, bounov" gounov" : bembrav" for membrav", brotov" for mortov" (mostalis).

2. b is sometimes inserted between ml, mr to give a fuller sound, as in a[mbroto", meshmbriva, gambrov", mevmbletai .


ba` , shortd. form of voc. Basileu` , king! Aesch.


ba±baiv , Lat. papae ! exclamation of surprise, bless me! Eur ., Ar.


ba±baiavx , strengthd. for babaiv , Ar.


babuvka , hJ , Lacon. for gevfura , Arist. ap. Plut.


bavgma , ato", tov , ( bavzw ) a speech, Aesch.


bavdhn »a±1/4 , Adv. ( baivnw ) step by step, Lat. pedetentim , Il.; in marching step, Hdt .; b. tacuv at quick step, Xen.

2. gradually, more and more, Ar.
II. walking, marching, opp. to riding, driving, sailing, Aesch.


ba±divzw , f. Att. badiou`mai : aor. I ejbavdisa : pf. bebavdika : ( bavdo", baivnw ):— to go slowly, to walk, Lat. ambulare , h. Hom. , Xen. : to go, march, of horsemen, Id.: to go by land, Dem .: —c. acc. cogn ., bavdon, oJdo;n b . Ar. , Xen.

2. generally, ejpÆ oijkiva" bad . to enter houses, Dem. : to proceed (in argument), Id.:—of things, aiJ timai; ejpÆ e[latton ejbavdizon prices were getting lower, Id. Hence bavdisi"


bavdisi" , ew", hJ , a walking, going, Ar .; of hares, Xen. ; and bavdisma


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