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Ep. syncop. 3 pl. bebava<Eth>si , contr. beba`si ; inf. bebavnai »a±1/4 , Ep. bebavmen »a±1/4 ; part. bebawv", -aui`a , Att. bebwv" : plqpf. ejbebhvkein , Ep. bebhvkein , sync. 3 pl. bevba±san :— aor. 2. e[bhn , Dor. e[ba<Eth>n , Ep. 3 sing. bh` , 3 dual bavthn »a±1/4 , 3 pl. e[ba<Eth>n ; imper. bh`qi , Dor. ba`qi , 2 pl. ba`te ; subj. bw` , Ep. beivw , 3 sing. bhvh/ , Dor. ba`me" (for bw`men ); opt. baivhn ; inf. bh`nai , Ep. bhvmenai ; part. bav" ba`sa bavn :— Med. , Ep. 3 sing. aor. I ejbhvseto .

A. in the above tenses,
I. intr. to walk, step, properly of motion on foot, possi; or posi; baivnein Hom ., etc. ; c. inf. in Hom. , bh` ijevnai, bh` ijevmen set out to go, went his way, Il.; bh` qevein started to run, Ib.; bh` dÆ ejlavan , Ib., etc. :—
c. acc. loci, Soph. ; and with all Preps. implying motion, as, ejpi; nho;" e[bainen was going on board ship, Od.; ejfÆ i{ppwn bavnte" having mounted the chariot, Ib.; baivnein diÆ ai{mato" to wade through blood, Eur. , etc.

2. in pf. to stand or be in a place, cw`ro" ejn w|/ bebhvkamen Soph .; often almost= eijmiv (sum), eu\ bebhkwv" on a good footing, well established, prosperous, Hdt ., etc. ; so, oiJ ejn tevlei bebw`te" they who are in office, Id., Soph. ; cf. xurovn .

3. to go, go away, depart, Il., Soph. ; bevbhka euphem. for tevqnhka , Aesch. , Soph. :—of things, ejnneva ejniautoi; bebavasi nine years have come and gone, Il.

4. to come, tivpte bevbhka" ; Ib.: to arrive, Soph.
5. to go on, advance, ej" tovde tovlmh", ej" tosou`ton ejlpivdwn Id.
II. c. acc. to mount, Hom. only in aor. I med ., bhvsasqai divfron :— Pass. , i{ppoi bainovmenai brood mares, Hdt.

2. crevo" e[ba me debts came on me, Ar.
3. in Poets, with acc. of the instrument of motion, which is simply pleonastic, baivnein povda to advance the foot, step on, Eur ., etc.

B. Causal, inf. bhvsw , aor. I e[bhsa :— to make to go, bh`sen ajfÆ i{ppon, ejx i{ppwn bh`se brought them down from the chariot, Il. The pres. in this sense is bibavzw .


bavi>on , tov , = bavi>" , N.T.

baiov", BAIO vS

BAIO vS , av, ovn , little, small, scanty, and of number, few, Pind ., Aesch. , Soph. ; ejcwvrei baiov" he was going with scanty escort, i.e. alone, Id.: of condition, low, mean, humble, Id.: of time, short, Solon, Soph. :— neut. baiovn , as Adv. a little, Id.; so pl. baiav , Ar. Cf. hjbaiov" .


bavi>" , hJ , a palm-branch, N.T. (Coptic word.)


baivth , hJ , a shepherds or peasants coat of skins, Hdt ., Theocr. (Deriv. unknown.)


bakevla" , oJ , an eunuch in the service of CybeleŒ, Anth ., Luc.


Ba±kivzw , to prophesy like Bacis, Ar. From Bakiv"

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