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ba±sa±nisthv" , ou`, oJ , ( basanivzw ) questioner, torturer, tormentor, Dem ., N.T. :— fem. ba±sa±nivstria , an examiner, Ar.


bavsa±no" »ba±-1/4, hJ , the touch-stone, Lat. lapis Lydius , a dark-coloured stone on which pure gold, when rubbed, leaves a peculiar mark, Theogn. : hence.

II. generally, a test, trial whether a thing be genuine or real, Hdt ., Soph.
III. inquiry by torture, the ‘question,’ torture, used to extort evidence from slaves, Oratt.
2. torture of disease, N.T. (Deriv. uncertain.)


ba<Eth>seu`mai , Dor. for bhvsomai , f. of baivnw .


ba±sivleia± , hJ , ( basiØleuv" ) a queen, princess, Od., Aesch.


ba±sileiva<Eth> , Ion. -hi?h , hJ , ( basileuvw ) a kingdom, dominion, Hdt .: hereditary monarchy, opp. to turanniv" , Thuc. , etc.


ba±siØleivdion , tov , Dim. of basileuv" , a petty king, Plut.


ba±sivleion , Ion. -hvi>on , tov , ( basileuv" ) a kingly dwelling, palace, Xen .; mostly in pl. , Hdt. , etc.

2. the royal treasury, Id.


ba±sivleio" , on , or a, on , Ion. -hvi>o" , h, on , of the king, kingly, royal, Hdt ., etc. From basileuv"


ba±siØleuv" , oJ , gen. evw" , Ion. h`o" , acc. basileva, basilh` : nom. pl. basilei`" , Ion. -h`e" , old Att. basilh`" ; acc. pl. basilei`" , old Att. basilh`" :— a king, chief, Hom .: later it was an hereditary king, opp. to tuvranno" , Hdt. , Att. ; a[nax b . lord king, Aesch .: c. gen ., b. new`n Id.; oijwnw`n b ., of the eagle, Id.:— Hom. has a Comp. basileuvtero" more of a king, more kingly, Sup. basileuvtato" most kingly.

2. of the kings son, prince, or any one sharing in the government, Od.
3. generally, a lord, master, householder, Il., Pind.
II. at Athens, the second of the nine Archons was called basileuv" ; he had charge of the public worship, and the conduct of criminal processes, Plat. , etc.

III. after the Persian war, the king of Persia was called basileuv" (without the Art.), Hdt. , Att. ; more rarely oJ basileuv" , or oJ mevga" ba" . Hdt. (Deriv. uncertain.)


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