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batraciv" , ivdo", hJ , a frog-green coat, Ar .; and batracomuomaciva


batraco-muo-maciva , hJ , ( mu`", mavch ) the battle of the frogs and mice, From bavtraco"


bavtraco" »ba±tra±-1/4, oJ , a frog, Batr., Hdt. , etc. (Deriv. uncertain.)


batta±rivzw , ( bavtto" ) to stutter, Luc.

battologevw, battalogevw

batto-logevw , f. hvsw ( lovgo" ) to speak stammeringly, say the same thing over and over again, N.T. From Bavtto"


Bavtto" , oJ , Stammerer, name of a king of CyreneΠ, Hdt. (Formed from the sound.)


bau?zw , Dor. bau?sdw , only in pres. to cry baav baav , to bark, Theocr .: of angry persons, to snarl, yelp, Aesch. ; trans. to shriek aloud for, tinav Id. (Formed from the sound.)


bauvka±li" , hJ , a wine-cooler, Anth.


bauko-panou`rgo" , oJ , a paltry braggart, Arist.

baukov", BAUKO vS

BAUKO vS , hv, ovn , prudish.


bau?sdw , Dor. for bau?zw .


ba±fhv , hJ , ( bavptw ) a dipping of red-hot iron in water, the temper produced thereby, Arist.

II. a dipping in dye, dyeing, dye, Aesch ., Plat. , etc. ; krovkou bafaiv the saffron- dyed robe, Aesch .; bafai; u{dra" the robe dipped in the hydras blood, Eur.

III. calkou` bafaiv , in Aesch. , is prob. the art of tempering brass, to express something which no woman could know.

IV. in Soph. Aj., bafh`/ sivdhro" w{" must be construed not with ejqhluvnqhn , but with the preceding words kartero;" genovmeno" , for iron becomes harder, not softer, by being dipped. Hence bafikov"

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