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belessi-ca±rhv" , ev" , ( bevlo", caivrw ) in darts, Anth.


belovnh , hJ , ( bevlo" ) any sharp point, a needle, Batr., Aeschin.


belono-pwvlh" , ou, oJ , ( pwlevw ) a needle-seller, Ar.


bevlo" , eo", tov , ( bavllw , as Lat. jaculum from jacio) a missile, esp. an arrow, dart, bolt, Hom .; of the rock hurled by the Cyclops, Od.; of the oxs leg thrown at Ulysses, Ib.; uJpe;k belevwn out of the reach of darts, out of shot, Il.; so e[xw belw`n Xen.

2. like e[gco" , used of any weapon, as a sword, Ar .: an axe, Eur.
3. the ajgana; bevlea of Apollo and Artemis in Hom. always denote the sudden, easy death of men and women respectively.

4. after Hom. of anything swift-darting, Zhno;" bevlh the bolts of Zeus, thunderbolts, Aesch. ; puvrpnoun b . Id.; bevlh pavgwn the piercing frosts, Soph. :— metaph. , ojmmavtwn bevlo" the glance of the eye, Aesch. ; iJmevrou bevlo" the shaft of love, Id.; of arguments, pa`n tetovxeutai bevlo" Id.


belo-sfendovnh , hJ , a dart wrapped with pitch and tow, and thrown while on fire, Plut.


bevltero" , a, on , poët. Comp. of ajgaqov" , better, more excellent, bevlterovn »ejsti1/4 it is better, c. inf ., Hom. ; in Theogn. , Aesch. , etc. :—hence Sup. bevltato" , h, on , Id. (Prob. from same Root as bouvl-omai .)


bevltisto" , h, on , Dor. bevnt- , Sup. of ajgaqov" , best, Ar ., Plat. , etc. :— w\ bevltiste or bevltiste , a common mode of address, my good friend, Ar ., etc. :— to; bevltiston the best, what is best, Aesch ., Plat. :— oiJ bevltistoi or to; bevltiston the aristocracy, Lat. optimates , Xen. ( Cf. bevltero" .)


beltivwn »i<Eth>1/4, on , gen. ono" , Att. Comp. of ajgaqov" , better, ejpi; to; bevltion cwrei`n to improve, advance, Thuc. ( Cf. bevltero" .)


bembi<Eth>kiavw , only in pres. , ( bevmbix ) to spin like a top, Ar.


bembi<Eth>kivzw , f. Att. iw` , ( bevmbix ) to set a spinning, Ar.

bevmbix, BE vMBIX

BE vMBIX , i`ko", hJ , Lat. turbo , a top spun by whipping, Ar.

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