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blei`o , Ep. 2 sing. aor. 2 pass. opt. of bavllw .


blemeaivnw , only in pres. part ., to look fiercely, glare around, Il. (Deriv. uncertain.)


blevmma , ato", tov , ( blevpw ) a look, glance, Eur ., Ar.


blevpo" , tov , = blevmma , a look, Ar.


bleptevon , verb. Adj. of blevpw , one must look, Plat.


bleptikov" , hv, ovn , of or for sight, Anth.


bleptov" , hv, ovn , to be seen, worth seeing, Soph. From blevpw

blevpw, BLE vPW

BLE vPW , f. blevyomai : aor. I e[bleya :— to see, have the power of sight, Soph .; mh; blevph/ oJ mavnti" lest he see too clearly, Id.

II. to look, ei[" tina or ti , Aesch. , etc. ; pw`" blevpwn ; with what face? Soph .;—with an Adv. , ejcqrw`" bl. prov" tina Xen .:—foll. by a noun, fovbon bl . to look terror, i.e. to look terrible, Aesch. ; e[bleye na`pu looked mustard, Ar. ; purrivchn blevpwn looking like a war-dancer, Id.; pefrontiko;" blevpein to look thoughtful, Eur.

2. to look to some one from whom help is expected, Soph. ; ei[" tina Id., etc. :—of places, oijkiva pro;" meshmbrivan blevpousa looking towards the south, Xen.

3. to look longingly, expect eagerly, c. inf ., Ar.
4. to look to, eJautouv" N.T .; also, bl. ajpov tino" to beware of. . , Ib.; bl. i{na .. to see that. . , Ib.
III. trans. to see, behold, c. acc ., Trag. : bl. favo", fw`" hJlivou to see the light of day, to live, Aesch ., Eur. ; and, without favo" , to be alive, live, Aesch ., etc. ; of things, blevponta actually existing, Id.


blefa±riv" , ivdo", hJ , an eyelash, in pl. eyelashes, Lat. cilia , Ar ., Xen. , etc.


blevfa±ron , Dor. glevfaron , tov , ( blevpw ) mostly in pl. the eyelids, Hom.

II. the eyes, Trag .: aJmevra" blevfaron, nukto;" blevfaron , i.e. the sun, the moon, Soph. , Eur.


blevyi" , ew", hJ , ( blevpw ) sight, Plut.

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