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bolbov", BOLBO vS

BOLBO vS , oJ , a bulb: in Theocr. a truffle?


* bolevw , pres. only found in pf. pass. part. bebolhmevno" , to be stricken with grief, Hom. ; bebolhvato Ep. 3 pl. plqpf.


bolhv , hJ , ( bavllw ) a throw, the stroke or wound of a missile, opp. to plhghv (stroke of sword or pike), Od., Eur. , Thuc. : bolai`" sfovggo" w[lesen grafhvn by its stroke or touch, Aesch.

2. metaph ., like bevlo" , a glance from the eyes, Od.
3. bolai; kerauvnioi thunder- bolts, Aesch .; bolai; hJlivou sun- beams, Soph .; bolh; ciovno" a snow- shower, Eur.


bolivzw , to heave the lead, take soundings, N.T. From boliv"


boliv" , ivdo", hJ , ( bavllw ) a javelin, Plut. 2. a cast of the dice, a die, Anth.


bolivtino" , h, on , of cow-dung, Ar. From bovliton


bovliØton , tov , or bovliØto" , oJ , ( bavllw ?) cow-dung, mostly in pl. , Ar.


bolo-ktuØpivh , hJ , ( ktuvpo" ) the rattling of the dice, Anth.


bovlomai , Ep. form of bouvlomai , Hom. : an impf. ejbollovman in Theocr.


bovlo" , oJ , ( bavllw ) a throw with a casting-net, a cast, Orac. ap. Hdt. , Theocr. : metaph. , eij" bovlon kaqivstasqai to fall within the cast of the net, Eur.

2. the thing caught, a draft of fish, Aesch. , Id.


bomb-auvlio" , oJ , ( bombevw, aujlov" ) a bagpiper, with a play on bombuliov" , Ar.


bombevw , f. hvsw , ( bovmbo" ) to make a booming, humming noise, to sound deep or hollow, Hom .; bovmbhsan kata; rJovon the oars fell with a loud noise down into the tide, Od.; bovmbhsen livqo" the stone

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