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aor. 2 part. pass ., u{dwr ajnabrocevn Ib.

2. katabrovxai , to gulp down, o}" to; katabrovxeie whoever swallowed the potion, Ib.

bruvkw, BRU vKW

BRU vKW or bruvcw »u<Eth>1/4 : f. bruvxw : aor. I e[bruxa : (for bevbruca , v. brucavomai ):— to eat with much noise, to eat greedily, Eur ., Ar. :— metaph. to tear in pieces, devour, of a gnawing disease, Soph. ; so in Pass. , bruvkomai , Id., Anth.


bruvllw , to cry for drink, of children, Ar. From bru`n


bru`n , in Ar. bru`n eijpei`n to say bryn, cry for drink. (formed from the sound.)


bruvon , tov , ( bruvw ) a kind of mossy sea-weed, Theocr.


bru<Eth>cavomai , f. -hvsomai : aor. I ejbruchsavmhn or inpass. form ejbruchvqhn : Dep. with Ep. pf. act. bevbru<Eth>ca

( cf. mukavomai , mevmuka ):— to roar, bellow, Lat. rugire , of a bull, Soph. , Ar. ; of elephants, Plut. :—in Il. mostly of the death-cry of wounded men, kei`to bebrucwv" ; so, brucwvmenon spasmoi`si , of Hercules, Soph. ; deina; bruchqeiv" Id.:—in Od. of the roaring of waves. (Formed from the sound.) Hence bruchdovn


bru<Eth>chdovn , Adv. ( bruvcw ) with gnashing of teeth, Anth.


bruvchma , ato", tov , bellowing, roaring, of men, Plut. : and bruchthv"


bru<Eth>chthv" , ou`, oJ , a bellower, roarer, Anth.


bruvcio" »uØ1/4, a, on and o", on , from the depths of the sea, Aesch .; of thunder from the deep, Id. (From * bruvx , of which an acc. bruvca occurs in late poets; cf. uJpobruvcio" .)


bruvcw , v. bruvkw :—for bevbruca , v. brucavomai .

bruvw, BRU vW, bruvw

BRU vW , mostly in pres. :— to be full to bursting:

1. c. dat. to swell or teem with, bruvei a[nqei> teems with bloom, Il.:— metaph. , bruvwn melivttai" kai; probavtoi" Ar .; of men, qravsei bruvwn Aesch.

2. c. gen. to be full of, bruvwn davfnh", ejlaiva", ajmpevlou Soph .: metaph. , novsou br . Aesch.

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