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ejk-ta±nuvw , f. uvsw : Ep. aor. I ejxetavnussa , = ejkteivnw , to stretch out (on the ground), lay low, Il.:— Pass. to lie outstretched, ejxetanuvsqh Ib.

2. to stretch tight, Od.


ejk-ta±ravssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to throw into great trouble, to agitate, Plut.


e[kta±si" , ew", hJ , ( ejkteivnw ) extension, Plat.


ejk-tavssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to draw out in battle-order, of the officers:— Med. to draw themselves out, of the soldiers, Xen.


ejktevato , Ion. for e[kthnto , 3 pl. plqpf. of ktavomai .


ejk-teivnw , f. -tenw` : pf. -tevta`ka , pass. -tevta±mai :— to stretch out, Hdt ., Att. : ta; govnata ejkt . to straighten the knees, Ar. : ejkt. nevkun to lay one dead, Eur. :— Pass. to be outstretched, lie at length, Soph.

2. to stretch or spread out a net, Aesch. : to extend the line of an army, Eur.
II. to stretch out, prolong, lovgon Hdt ., Att.
III. to put to the full stretch, of a horse put to full speed, Xen. ; pa`san proqumivhn ejkt . to put forth all ones zeal, Hdt. :— metaph. in Pass. to be on the rack, Soph.


ejk-teicivzw , f. Att. iØw` , to fortify completely, Thuc ., Xen. ; tei`co" ejkt . to build it from the ground, Ar.


ejk-teknovw , f. wvsw , to generate, Eur ., in Med.


ejk-teleutavw , f. hvsw , to bring quite to an end, accomplish, Aesch .: —Pass. to be quite the end of, tinov" Soph.


ejk-televw , Ep. impf. ejxetevleion : f. -televsw :— to bring quite to an end, to accomplish, achieve, Hom ., Hdt. :— Pass. , f. inf. ejktelevesqai , to be accomplished, Il., etc.


ejk-telhv" , ev" , ( tevlo" ) brought to an end, perfect, Aesch .; of corn, ripe, Hes .; of persons, Eur.

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