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ejk-tevmnw , Ep. and Ion. -tavmnw : f. -temw` :— to cut out, Il., Hdt. ; oji>sto;n ejktavmnein mhrou` to cut an arrow from the thigh, Il.

2. to cut trees out of a wood, cut down, Ib.; of planks, to hew out, hew into shape, o}" nhvi>on ejktavmnh/sin ( Ep. for -tevmnh/ ) Ib.

3. to cut away, sever, Pind ., Plat.
II. to castrate, Hdt.


ejktevneia , hJ , intensity, zeal, earnestness, N.T. From ejktenhv"


ejktenhv" , ev" , ( ejkteivnw ) intense, zealous, instant, N.T.


eJktevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of e[cw , to be held, Ar.

II. eJktevon , one must have, Xen.


ejktefrovw , f. wvsw , to burn to ashes, calcine, Strab.


ejk-thvkw , f. xw : aor. 2 ejxevta±kon :— to melt out, destroy, by melting, Eur ., Ar.

2. metaph. to let melt away, let pine or waste away, Eur.
II. Pass ., with pf. ejktevthka , aor. 2 ejxetavkhn »a±1/4 , to melt, pine or waste away, Id.; tovdÆ mhvpotÆ ejktakeivh may it never melt from my remembrance, Aesch.


e[kthmai , for kevkthmai , pf. of ktavomai .


eJkth-movrioi , oiJ , those who paid 1/6th of the produce, Plut.


ejkthsavmhn , aor. I of ktavomai .


ejk-tivqhmi , f. -qhvsw , to set out, place outside, Od.: to expose on a desert island or to expose a new-born child, Hdt. , Att. :— Med. to export, Plut.

II. to set up in public, exhibit publicly, novmou" Dem.


ejk-tivllw , f. -tiØlw` , to pluck out hair:— Pass. , kovmhn ejktetilmevno" having ones hair plucked out, Anacr.

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