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ejkfa±nhv" , ev" , shewing itself, manifest, Aesch ., Plat.


ejkfavsqai , inf. med. of e[kfhmi .


e[kfa±si" , ew" , Ion. io", hJ , ( e[kfhmi ) a declaration, Hdt.


e[k-fa±to" , on , beyond power of speech: Adv. -tw" , ineffably, impiously, Aesch.


ejk-faulivzw , f. Att. iw` , to depreciate, Luc.


ejk-fevrw , f. ejxoivsw : fut. med. ejxoivsomai in pass. sense:— to carry out of a place, c. gen ., or ejk tovpou ,
2. to carry out a corpse for burial, Lat. efferre , Il., etc.
3. to carry off as prize or reward, Ib.: so in Med. , Hdt. , Att.
4. to carry out of the sea, to throw ashore, Hdt ., Eur. :— Pass. , with fut. med ., to come to land, be cast ashore, Hdt.

II. to bring forth,
1. of women, of the earth, to bring forth, produce, Id.
2. to bring about, accomplish, Il.
3. to bring out, publish, Ar .: ejkf. crhsthvrion to deliver an oracle, Hdt. :—of public measures, to bring forward, ejkf. ej" to;n dh`mon Id., Dem.

4. generally to disclose, tell, betray, Hdt .: —Med ., ejkfevresqai gnwvmhn to declare ones opinion, Id.
5. to put forth, exert, duvnasin Eur .; and in Med. , Soph.
6. ejkfevrein povlemon , Lat. inferre bellum , to begin war, Hdt. , Xen.
7. to bear the marks of a thing, Eur.
III. Pass. to be carried beyond bounds, be carried away, Soph ., Thuc. , etc.
IV. to carry to a certain point, Soph ., Plat.
V. intr. ( sub. eJautovn ) to shoot forth (before the rest), Il.: to run away, Xen.
2. to come to fulfilment, come to an end, Soph.


ejk-feuvgw , f. xomai and xou`mai , to flee out or away, escape, Od., Aesch. , etc. :— to be acquitted, Ar.

2. c. gen. to escape out of, flee from, Hom.
3. c. acc. to escape, Il., Hdt. , etc.
b. of things, ejkfeuvgei mev ti something escapes me, Soph. , Eur.


e[k-fhmi , to speak out or forth, speak loudly: Med ., e[po" ejkfavsqai ( aor. 2 inf. ) Od.


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