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ejk-fqeivrw , f. -fqerw` : aor. 2 pass. ejxevfqarhn [ ]:— to destroy utterly: Pass. ejkfqeivromai , to be undone, ruined, Eur .: to vanish, pack off, Ar.


ejk-fqivnw »iØ1/4 , in 3 plqpf. pass ., ejxevfqiØto oi\no" nhw`n the wine had all been consumed out of the ships, had vanished from the ships, Od.; 3 pl. pf. pass. ejxevfqintai they have utterly perished, Aesch.


ejk-fiØlevw , f. hvsw , to kiss heartily, Anth.


ejkflaurivzw , Att. for ejkfaulivzw , Plut.


ejk-flevgw , f. xw , to set on fire, Ar.


ejk-fobevw , f. hvsw , to frighten away, affright, Aesch ., Plat. , etc. ; to; ejkfobh`sai so as to cause alarm, Thuc. ; ejkf. tina; ejk demnivwn Eur .: —Pass. to be much afraid, to fear greatly, c. acc ., Soph.


e[k-fobo" , on , affrighted, N.T.


ejk-foinivssw , f. xw , to make all red or bloody, Eur.


ejk-foitavw , Ion. -evw , f. hvsw , to go out constantly, be in the habit of going out, Hdt ., Eur.

2. of things, to be spread abroad, Plut.


ejkforav , hJ , ( ejkfevrw ) a carrying out of a corpse to burial, Aesch. , Ar.

II. (from Pass. ) of horses, a running away, Xen.


ejk-forevw , f. hvsw , = ejkfevrw , to carry out a corpse for burial, Od.:—generally to carry out, Hdt .: —Med. to take out with one, Eur ., etc. :— Pass. to move forth, Il.

2. to carry quite out, leave none behind, of earth dug from a trench, Hdt.
3. Pass. to be cast on shore, Id.


ejkfovrion , tov , ( ejkfevrw ) payment on produce, rent, tithe, Hdt.


e[kforo" , on , ( ejkfevrw ) to be carried out, exportable, Ar.

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