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ejlasa`" , oJ , an unknown bird, Ar.


ejla±seivw , ( ejlauvnw ) Desiderat. to wish to march, Luc.


ejla±siva , hJ , = e[lasi" : riding, Xen.


ejla±siv-bronto" , on , ( ejlauvnw, bronthv ) hurled like thunder, Ar.


e[la±si" , ew", hJ , ( ejlauvnw ) a driving away, banishing, Thuc.

2. ( sub. stratou` ), a march, expedition, Hdt .: a procession, Xen .:— (sub. i{ppou ) a riding, Id.


e[lassa , Ep. for h[la±sa , aor. I of ejlauvnw .


ejlassovw , Att. -ttovw : aor. I hjllavttwsa :— Pass. , f. ejlasswqhvsomai , so in med. form ejlasswvsomai : aor. I hjlasswvqhn, -ttwvqhn :— to make less or smaller, to lessen, diminish, lower, Oratt.: c. gen. to detract from, Thuc.

II. Pass .,
1. absol. to become smaller, be lessened, suffer loss, be depreciated, Id.:—also to take less than ones due, waive ones rights or privileges, Id.

2. c. dat. rei, to have the worst of it, to be inferior, tini in a thing, Id., Xen.
3. c. gen. pers. to be at disadvantage with a person, Dem.


ejlavsswn , Att. -ttwn , on , gen. ono" :— smaller, less, formed from ejlacuv" (with Sup. ejlavcisto" , q.v. ), but serving as Comp. to mikrov" , Il.: e[lasson e[cein to have the worse, be worse off, tiniv in a thing, Hdt. , Dem. ; so, ejlavttw givgnesqai Ar.

2. c. gen. pers. worse than, inferior to, Thuc ., etc. ; but c. gen. rei, like h{sswn , subservient to, Xen.
3. in neut. with Preps., peri; ejlavssono" poiei`sqai to consider of less account, Hdt .; parÆ e[latton hJgei`sqai Plat .; diÆ ejlavttono" at less distance, Thuc.

II. of Number, fewer, oiJ ejlavssone" the smaller number, Hdt ., Thuc.
III. neut. e[lasson , as Adv. less, Aesch ., etc.


ejlastrevw , Ep. and Ion. for ejlauvnw , to drive, Il.; ejl. tina to drive about, of the Furies, Eur. :— Pass. , of ships, to be rowed, Hdt.


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