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ejlavsw »a±1/4 , f. of ejlauvnw .


ejla±tevon , verb. Adj. of ejlavw, ejlauvnw , one must ride, Xen.

ejlavth, jELA vTH

jELA vTH »a±1/4, hJ , the silver fir, pinus picea , Il.

II. an oar, Hom .: also a ship or boat, like Lat. abies , Eur.


ejla±thvr , h`ro", oJ , ( ejlavw, ejlauvnw ) a driver of horses, a charioteer, Il., Aesch.

II. a sort of broad, flat cake, Ar.


ejla±thvrio" , on , ( ejlauvnw ) driving away, c. gen ., Aesch.


ejlavtino" »a±1/4 , Ep. eijlavtino" , h, on , ( ejlavth ) of the fir, Lat. abiegnus , Il., Eur. :— of fir or pine-wood, Od., Eur.


ejlavttwma , ato", tov , ( ejlattovw ) a disadvantage, Dem.


ejlavttwn, ejlattovw , Att. for ejlavsswn, ejlassovw .

ejlauvnw, jELAU vNW, ejlauvnw

jELAU vNW ( ejlavw q.v .), f. ejlavsw »a±1/4 , Ep. ejlavssw and ejlovw , Att. ejlw` :— aor. I h[la±sa , Ep. e[la±sa and e[lassa , Ion. 3 sing. ejlavsasken :— pf. ejlhvla±ka : plqpf. ejlhlavkein :— Pass. , aor. I hjlavqhn »a±1/4 , later hjlavsqhn :— pf. ejlhvlamai : 3 sing. plqpf. hjlhvlato , Ep. ejlhvlato ; 3 pl. hjlhvlanto , Ep. ejlhlevdatÆ . Radic. sense: To drive, drive on, set in motion, of driving flocks, Hom. ; so aor. med. hjlasavmhn Il.: often of chariots, to drive, Ib., Hdt. ; also, ejl. i{ppon to ride it, Id.; ejl. nh`a to row it, Od.:—in this sense the acc. was omitted, and the Verb became intr. , to go in a chariot, to drive, mavstixen dÆ ejlavan ( sc. i{ppou" ) he whipped them on, Il.; bh` dÆ ejlavan ejpi; kuvmata he drove on over the waves, Ib.; dia; nuvkta ejlavan to travel the night through, Od.; — to ride, Hdt ., etc. ; to march, Id.; to row, Od
b. in this intr. sense, it sometimes took an acc. loci, galhvnhn ejlauvnein to sail the calm sea, i.e. over it, Ib.; ejlauvnein drovmon to run a course, Ar.

2. to drive away, like ajpelauvnw , of stolen cattle, Hom. , Xen. :—so in Med. , Hom.
3. to drive away, expel, Il., Trag.
4. to drive to extremities, a[dhn ejlovwsi polevmoio will harass him till he has had enough of war, Il.; a[dhn ejlavan kakovthto" shall persecute him till he has had enough, Od.:—then in Att. to persecute, attack, harass, Soph ., etc.

5. intr. in expressions like ej" tosou`ton h[lasan , they drove it so far (where pra`gma must be supplied), Hdt. :—hence, to push on, go on, Eur ., Plat.

II. to strike, ejlavth/sin povnton ejlauvnonte" , cf. Lat. remis impellere , Il.

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