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2. to strike with a weapon, but never with a missile, Ib.:— c. dupl. acc. , to;n me;n e[lasÆ w\mon him he struck on the shoulder, Ib.; cqovna h[lase metwvpw/ struck earth with his forehead, Od.

3. to drive or thrust through, dovru dia; sthvqesfin e[lasse Il.; and in Pass. to go through, Ib.
III. in metaph. senses:
1. to beat with a hammer, Lat. ducere , to beat out metal, Il.; peri; dÆ e{rko" e[lasse kassitevrou around he made a fence of beaten tin, Ib.

2. to draw a line of wall or a trench, Lat. ducere murum , Hom ., etc. ; tei`co" ej" to;n potamo;n tou;" ajgkw`na" ejlhvlatai the wall has its angles carried down to the river, Hdt. ; o[gmon ejlauvnein to work ones way down a ridge or swathe in reaping or mowing, Il.; o[rcon ajmpelivdo" ejl . to draw a line of vines,
plant them in line, Ar.
3. kolw/o;n ejlauvnein to prolong the brawl, Il.


ejlafa-bovlo" , on , Dor. for ejlafh-bovlo" .


ejlavfeio" , on , ( e[lafo" ) of a stag, ejl. kreva venison, Xen.


ejla±fh-boliva , hJ , a shooting of deer, Soph .; and ejlafhboliwvn a


ejla±fhboliwvn , w`no", oJ , the ninth month of the Attic year, in which the Elaphebolia were held, answering to the last half of March and first of April, Thuc. From ejlafhbovlo"


ejla±fh-bovlo" , on , ( e[lafo", bavllw ) shooting deer, Il., Soph.


ejla±fo-ktovno" , on , ( kteivnw ) deer-killing, Eur.

ejlafo", jELA FOS

jEL ØAFOS , oJ and hJ , a deer, whether male, a hart or stag, or female, a hind, Il.:— kradivhn ejlavfoio »e[cwn1/4 with heart of deer, i.e. a coward, Ib.


ejla±fo"-soi?a , hJ , ( seuvw ) deer-hunting, Anth.


ejlafriva , hJ , lightness: levity, N.T. From ejlafrov"

ejlafrov", jELAFRO vS

jELAFRO vS , av, ovn , ( ej-laf-rov" = Lat. lev-is ) light in weight, Il., Hdt. , Att. :— Adv. lightly, buoyantly, Od.

2. light to bear, not burdensome, easy, Il.; ejlafrovn »ejsti1/4 ‘tis light, easy, Aesch ., etc. ; ejnejlafrw`/

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