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poiei`sqaiv ti to make light of a thing, Hdt.

II. light in moving, nimble, Lat. agilis , Hom ., Aesch. ; ejlafra; hJlikiva the age of active youth, Xen. ; oiJ ejlafroiv light troops, Lat. levis armatura , Id.

III. lightminded, thoughtless, Eur. Hence ejlafruvnw


ejlafruvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , to make light, lighten, Babr.


ejlavcisto" »a±1/4, h, on , Sup. of ejlacuv" , Comp. ejlavsswn , the smallest, least, oujk ejl . h. Hom. , Hdt. , etc. ; ejlacivstou lovgou of least account, Id.; peri; ejlavcistou poiei`sqai Plat.

2. of Time, shortest, diÆ ejlacivstou [ sc. crovnou1/4 Thuc .; diÆ ejlacivsth" boulh`" with shortest deliberation, Id.

3. of Number, fewest, Plat.
II. to; ejlavciston, toujlavciston , at the least, Hdt ., Xen. , etc. ; also ejlavcista , Thuc. , Plat.
III. there is also a new Comp. ejlacistovtero" , less than the least, N.T.

ejlacuv", jELACU vS

jELACU vS , ejlavceia (not -ei`a ) , uv , small, short, little, old Ep. Positive, whence ejlavsswn, ejlavcisto" are formed, h. Hom. : cf. lavceia .

ejlavw, jELA vW

jELA vW , old form of ejlauvnw , Ep. inf. ejlavan (which is also fut. ) Hom. ; 3 pl. impf. e[lwn Od.

e[ldomai, [ELDOMAI

[ELDOMAI , Ep. ejevldomai , only in pres. and impf. to wish, long to do a thing, c. inf ., Hom: —c. gen. to long for, Id.: c. acc. to desire, Id.:—as Pass. , nu`n toi ejeldevsqw povlemo" be war now welcome, Il. Hence e[ldwr


e[ldwr , only found in Ep. form ejevldwr , tov , a wish, longing, desire, Il., Hes.


ejleaivrw , = ejleevw , to take pity on, tinav Hom ., Ar.


ejlea`" , oJ , a kind of owl, Ar.


ejlegeiva , hJ , an elegy, Plut.


ejlegei`on , tov , ( e[lego" ) a distich consisting of hexameter and pentameter, the metre of the elegy, Thuc.

II. in pl. , ejlegei`a, tav , an elegiac poem, Plat ., etc. :—so in sing. , Plut.

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