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ejlevgeu , Dor. for ejlevgou , 2 sing. impf. pass. of levgw .


ejlegkthvr , h`ro" , or ejlegkthv" , ou`, oJ , one who convicts or detects, tw`n ajpokteinavntwn Antipho.


ejlegktikov" , hv, ovn , ( ejlevgcw ) of persons, fond of cross-questioning or examining: Adv. -kw`" , Xen.


ejlegmov" , oJ , = e[legxi" , N.T.


ejlegxiv-ga±mo" , on , proving a wifes fidelity, Anth.


e[legxi" , ew", hJ , = e[legco", oJ , a conviction, N.T.

e[lego", [ELEGOS

[ELEGOS , oJ , a song of mourning, a lament: at first without reference to metrical form, later always in alternate hexameters and pentameters, Eur ., etc.


ejlegceivh , hJ , reproach, disgrace, Il.; and ejlegchv"


ejlegchv" , ev" , worthy of reproof; of men, cowardly, Il.:—Irreg. Sup. ejlevgcisto" , Ib. From e[legco"


e[legco" , tov , ( ejlevgcw ) a reproach, disgrace, dishonour, Hom .: of men, kavkÆ ejlevgcea base reproaches to your name, Il.


e[legco" , oJ , ( ejlevgcw ) a cross-examining, testing, for purposes of disproof or refutation, e[cein e[legcon to admit of disproof, Hdt ., Thuc. ; e[l. didovnai tou` bivou to give an account of ones life, Plat. ; eij" e[l. pivptein to be convicted, Eur. ; oiJ peri; Pausanivan e[l . the evidence on which he was convicted, Thuc.

ejlevgcw, jELE vGCW, ejlevgxw

jELE vGCW , f. ejlevgxw : aor. I h[legxa :— Pass. , f. ejlegcqhvsomai : aor. I hjlevgcqhn : pf. ejlhvlegmai :— to disgrace, put to shame, mu`qon ejl . to treat a speech with contempt, Il.; ejl. tinav to put one to shame, Od.

II. to cross-examine, question, for the purpose of disproving or reproving, to censure, accuse, Hdt ., Att. ; c. acc. et inf. to accuse one of doing, Eur. :— Pass. to be convicted, Hdt ., Xen. , etc.

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