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eJligmov" , oJ , ( eJlivssw ) a winding, convolution, as of the Labyrinth, Hdt. , Xen.


eJliØko-blevfa±ro" , on , ( blevfaron ) with ever-moving eyelids, quick-glancing, h. Hom.


eJliØko-drovmo" , on , running in curves, circular, Eur.


eJliØko-eidhv" , poët. eiJlik- , ev" , ( ei\do" ) of winding or spiral form, Plut.


eJliktov" , hv, ovn , ( eJlivssw ) curved, twisted, wreathed, h. Hom. , Soph. ; eJl. kuvto" a wheeled ark, Eur. ; su`rigx peri; cei`lo" eJliktav moving quickly, Theocr.

II. metaph. tortuous, Eur.


JEliØkwvn , w`no", oJ , Helicon, a hill in Boeotia, Hes. Hence JElikwniavde"


JEliØkwniavde" ( sc. parqevnoi ) , aiJ , the dwellers on Helicon, the Muses, Hes .: so, Nuvmfai JElikwnivde"



eJlivk-wy , wpo", oJ, hJ , fem. eJlikw`pi" , ido" , with rolling eyes, quick-glancing, Il.

ejli nuvw, jELI NU vW

jELI-NU vW : f. -uvsw »u<Eth>1/4 : aor. I ejlivnu<Eth>sa :— to keep holiday, to take rest, be at rest, keep quiet, stand idle, Hdt. , Aesch.

2. c. part. to rest or cease from doing, Id.


e{lix , iØko", oJ, hJ , ( eJlivssw ) Adj. twisted, curved, of oxen, either with twisted, crumpled horns, or rolling as they walk, Hom. , etc. :—later, e{lika ajna; clovan on the tangled grass, Eur.


e{lix , poët. ei|lix , iØko", hJ , ( eJlivssw ) anything which assumes a spiral shape:

1. an armlet or earring, Il.
2. a twist, whirl, convolution, e{like" steroph`" flashes of forked lightning, Aesch.
3. the tendril of the vine, Eur. : of ivy, Id.
4. a curl or lock of hair, Anth.
5. the coil or spire of a serpent, Eur.


eJlixov-kerw" , wto", oJ, hJ , with crumpled horns, Anth.

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