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e[liØpon , aor. 2 of leivpw .


eJlivssw , Ep. inf. -evmen ; Ion. eiJlivssw : f. eJlivxw : aor. I ei{lixa :— Pass. , aor. I eiJlivcqhn : pf. ei{ligmai , Ion.

3 pl. eiJlivcato : 3 sing. plqpf. ei{likto : ( ei[lw ):— to turn round, to turn a chariot round the doubling-post,

Il.; so of the chariot of Day, Aesch. , Eur. ; eJl. kovnin to roll the eddying dust, Aesch. ; eJl. divna" of the Euripus, Eur. ; eJl. blevfara Id.

2. of any rapid motion, esp. of a circular kind, eJl. plavtan to ply the oar swiftly, Soph .; eJl. povda to move the swift foot, Eur. : absol. to dance, Id.

3. to roll or wind round, as the wool round the distaff, Hdt. , Eur.
4. metaph. to turn in ones mind, revolve, Soph .; eJl. lovgou" to speak wily words, Eur.
II. Pass. and Med. to turn oneself round, turn quick round, turn to bay, Il.; of a serpent, to coil himself, Ib.; of a missile, to spin through the air, Ib.

2. to turn hither and thither, go about, Ib.:—also, like Lat. versari , to be busy about a thing, Ib.
3. to whirl in the dance, Eur.
4. Med. in Act. sense, with a whirl, like a sling, Il.
5. ta;" kefala;" eijlivcato mivtrh/si have their heads rolled round with turbans, Hdt.


eJliv-troco" , on , ( eJlivssw ) whirling the wheel, Aesch.


e[lifqen , Aeol. for ejleivfqhsan , 3 pl. aor. I pass. of leivpw .


eJliv-cru<Eth>so" , oJ , a creeping plant with yellow flower or fruit, Theocr.


eJlkaivnw , ( e{lko" ) to fester, Aesch.


eJlkesiv-peplo" , on , trailing the robe, with long train, Il.


eJlkesiv-ceiro" , on , drawing the hand after it, Anth.


eJlke-civtwn »iØ1/4, wno", oJ , trailing the tunic, with long tunic, Il.


eJlkevw , f. hvsw , strengthd. for e{lkw , to drag about, tear asunder, Il.: to attempt violence to one, Od.


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