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eJllav", JELLA vS, JEllav"

JELLA vS , avdo", hJ , Hellas, a city of Thessaly, founded by Hellen, Il.

2. that part of Thessaly in which the Myrmidons dwelt, also called Phthiotis, Hom.
3. Northern Greece, as opp. to Peloponnesus, Od.
4. later, the name for Greece, from the South to Epirus and Thessaly inclusively, Hes. , Hdt. , etc.
II. as Adj. with a fem. Subst. Hellenic, Greek, Id., etc.


e[lla±con , Ep. for e[lacon , aor. 2 of lagcavnw .


eJllevboro" , oJ , hellebore, Lat. veratrum , a plant used as a specific for madness, pi`qÆ eJllevboron drink hellebore, i.e. you are mad, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.)


eJlleda±nov" , oJ , ( ei[lw ) the band for binding corn-sheaves, Il.


ejl-leivpw , f. yw , ( ejn ) to leave in, leave behind, Eur.

2. to leave out, leave undone, Lat. omitto , Soph ., etc.
II. intr. to fall short, fail, h. Hom. , Soph. ; to; ejllei`pon th`" ejpisthvmh" deficiency of knowledge, Thuc.

2. c. gen. rei, like devw , to be in want of, fall short of, lack, Aesch ., Thuc. ; pollou` ejlleivpw I am far from it, Aesch.

3. c. gen. pers. to be inferior to, Plat.
4. foll. by mhv c. inf ., tiv ga;r ejll. mh; parapaivein ; in what does he fall short of madness? Aesch.
5. with a part. , oujk ejlleivpei eujcaristw`n he fails not to give thanks, ap. Dem.
6. of things, to be wanting or lacking to. . , c. dat ., Xen.
III. Pass. to be left behind in a race, Soph. : to be surpassed, Xen.
2. to be left wanting, to fail, Id.


e[l-lesco" , on , ( ejn, levsch ) commonly talked of, Hdt.


{Ellhn , hno", oJ , Hellen, son of Deucalion, Hes.

2. the {Ellhne" of Hom. are the Thessalian tribe of which Hellen was the reputed chief ( cf. \Ellav"
1), Il.
3. later, {Ellhne" was the regul. name for Greeks, opp. to bavrbaroi , Hdt. , etc.
4. later still, of Gentiles, Opp. to Jews, N.T.
II. as Adj. = \Ellhnikov" , Thuc. , etc. :—even with a fem. Subst ., Aesch. , Eur. Hence JEllhnivzw


JEllhnivzw , f. sw : Pass. aor. I without augm.:— to speak Greek, Plat .: —Pass ., \Ellhnisqh`nai th;n

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