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ejmpovdio" , on , at ones feet, coming in the way, meeting, ap. Plut.

2. in the way, impeding, c. dat. pers., Eur. :— c. gen. rei, ejmp. ei\nai eijrhvnh" Thuc.


ejm-podwvn , Adv. = ejn posi;n w[n , but formed by anal. to ejkpodwvn :— at the feet, in the way, in ones path, Hdt. , etc.

2. in ones way, i.e. presenting an hindrance, ejmp. ei\nai to be in the way, Aesch .; ejmp. sth`naiv tini Id.; kei`sqai Eur .: —c. inf ., ejmp. ei\nai tw`/ poiei`n Xen .; ejmp. ei\nai or givgnesqaiv tini mh; pravttein to prevent a persons doing, Thuc. , etc. :— to; ejmp . the hindrance, obstacle, Hdt.


ejm-poievw , f. hvsw , ( ejn ) to make in, Il.:— Pass. , celidw;n ejmpepoihmevnh introduced by the poets art, Ar.

2. to foist in, interpolate, Hdt.
II. to produce or create in, of states of mind, ejpiqumivan toi`sÆAqhnaivoi" ejmp . Thuc. ; kakovn ti ejmp. tai`" yucai`" Plat.

2. of conditions, to introduce, produce, cause, fqovron, stavsin Thuc.


ejmpolai`o" , a, on , concerned in traffic, Ar. From ejmpolavw


ejmpolavw : impf. hjmpovlwn : f. hvsw : aor. I hjmpovlhsa : pf. hjmpovlhka :— Pass. , aor. I hjmpolhvqhn : pf. hjmpovlhmai , Ion. ejmp- : ( ejmpolhv ):— to get by barter or traffic, earn, Soph ., Xen. :— Med. , bivoton polu;n ejmpolovwnto they were getting much substance by traffic, Od.

2. to deal or traffic in a thing, to purchase, buy, Soph .: —metaph ., ejmp. th;n ejmh;n frevna to make profit of my mind, by dealing with me, Id.

II. absol. to deal as a merchant, traffic, Ar .: —metaph ., hjmpolhkw;" ta; plei`stÆ ajmeivnona having dealt in most things with success, Aesch.


ejm-polevmio" , on , ( ejn ) pertaining to war, Hdt.


ejmpoleuv" , evw", oJ , a merchant, trafficker, Anth. From ejmpolhv


ejm-polhv , hJ , ( ejn, pwlevw ) merchandise, Ar ., Xen.

II. traffic, purchase, Eur ., Xen.


ejmpovlhma , ato", tov , ( ejmpovlaw ) matter of traffic, the freight of a ship, merchandise, Soph. ( metaph. ), Eur.

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