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II. gain made by traffic, Theophr.


ejmpolhtov" , hv, ovn , ( ejmpolavw ) bought, ouJmpolhto;" Sisuvfou Laertivw/ the son of Sisyphus bought by or palmed off upon Laërtes, Soph.


e[m-poli" , ew", oJ, hJ , ( ejn ) in the city or state: oJ e[mp. tini ones fellow-citizen, Soph.


ejm-poli<Eth>teuvw , f. sw , ( ejn ) to be one of a state, to be a citizen, hold civil rights, Thuc.


ejmpolovwnto , Ep. for -w`nto , 3 pl. pres. med. of ejmpolavw .


ejm-pompeuvw , f. sw , ( ejn ) to swagger in procession, Luc.


ejmpovreuma , ato", tov , merchandise, Xen. From ejmporeuvomai


ejm-poreuvomai , f. -poreuvsomai : aor. I ejneporeuvqhn : ( ejn ): Dep. :— to travel, Soph.

II. to travel for traffic, to be a merchant, to trade, traffic, Thuc.
2. c. acc. rei, to import, Luc.
3. c. acc. pers. to make gain of, to overreach, N.T. Hence ejmporeuteva


ejmporeuteva , verb. Adj. one must go or tramp, Ar.


ejmporiva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( e[mporo" ) commerce, trade, traffic, Hes ., etc.

2. a trade or business, N.T ., Anth.
II. merchandise, Xen ., Dem.


ejmporikov" , hv, ovn , commercial, mercantile, Stesich.; ejmp. tevcnh = ejmporiva , Plat. ; ejmp. divkai mercantile actions, Dem. ; ta; ejmp. crhvmata money to be used in trade, Id.

2. imported, foreign, Ar .; and ejmpovrion


ejmpovrion , tov , Lat. emporium , a trading-place, mart, factory, such as were formed by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, Hdt. , etc.

2. to; ejmp ., at Athens, the Exchange, where the merchants resorted, Dem.
II. ejmpovria, tav , merchandise, Xen. From e[mporo"

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