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e[n-optron , tov , ( o[yomai , f. of oJravw ) a mirror, Eur.


ejn-oravw , Ion. -evw : f. -ovyomai : aor. 2 -ei`don :— to see, remark, observe something in a person or thing, tiv tini Thuc ., etc. ; ti e[n tini Hdt ., etc. ; c. acc. et part. fut ., ejnewvra timwrivhn ejsomevnhn he saw that vengeance would come, Id.

II. to look at or upon, Xen.


e[n-orko" , on , bound by oath, Lat. juratus , Soph ., Thuc. : c. dat. pers., Lat. addictus , Soph.

II. that whereto one is sworn, Id., etc.


ejn-ormivzw , f. Att. iw` , to bring a ship to harbour: Pass. to come to anchor, Theogn. Hence ejnormivth"


ejnormivth" »i<Eth>1/4, ou, oJ , in harbour, Anth.


ejn-ovrnu<Eth>mi , aor. I -w`rsa : Ep. aor. 2 pass. ejnw`rto :— to arouse, stir up in a person, Il.:— Pass. to arise in or among, ejnw`rto gevlw" qeoi`sin Ib.


ejn-orouvw , f. ouvsw , to leap in or upon another, c. dat ., Il.


ejnovrch" , ou, oJ , = e[norco" , Ar. :— a he-goat, Theocr.


e[norci" , io", oJ, hJ , Ion. for ejnovrch" , Hdt.


e[n-orco" , on , ( o[rci" ) uncastrated, entire, e[norca mh`la rams, Il.

e[no", [ENOS

* [ENOS , oJ , = the Lat. annus , a year, hence ejniautov" , cf. a[f-eno" , Lat. bi-ennis , etc.

e[no", [ENOS

[ENOS , h, on , the day after to-morrow, Lat. perendie , only in oblique cases of fem. , gen. e[nh" Ep. e[nnhfi ( sub. hJmevra" ) Hes. ; Dor. e[na" Theocr .; eijse{nhn Ar.

e{no", {ENOS

{ENOS , h, on , belonging to the former of two periods, last years, e{nai ajrcaiv last years magistrates, Dem. :— dat. e{nh/ as Adv. , long ago, Ar.

2. e{nh kai; neva ( sc. hJmevra ), the old and new day, i.e. the last day of the month, which consisted of

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