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two halves, one belonging to the old, the other to the new moon, Id.


eJnov" , gen. of ei|" and e{n , one.


e[nosi" , ew", hJ , a shaking, quake, Hes ., Eur. (From an obsol. Root * ejnovqw to shake.)


jEnosiv-cqwn , ono", oJ , Earth-shaker, of Poseidon, Hom.


ejn-ouravnio" , on , in heaven, heavenly, Anth.


ejnoclevw , poët. 2 sing. ejnnoclei`" : impf. with double augm. hjnwvcloun : f. ejnoclhvsw : aor. I hjnwvclhsa : pf. hjnwvclhka :— to trouble, disquiet, annoy, tinav Plat ., Xen. , etc. :— Pass. to be troubled or annoyed, Id.

2. c. dat. to give trouble or annoyance to, Id., Dem. , etc.
3. absol. to be a nuisance, Ar.


e[noco" , on , ( ejnevcw ) held in, i.e. liable to, subject to, c. dat ., Plat. ; e[n. qanavtou ( sc. zhmiva/ ) liable to the penalty of death, N.T.


ejn-ravptw , f. yw , to sew up in, ti ei[" ti ; so Med. , Hdt. :— Pass. to be sewed up in, c. dat ., Eur.


ejn-ri<Eth>govw , f. wvsw , to shiver or freeze in a garment, Ar.


ejn-seivw , f. sw , to shake in or at, Soph .; kevladon ejn". pwvloi" to drive a sound into their ears, Id.

2. c. acc. pers. to drive into, ejn". tina; ajgrivai" oJdoi`" Id.


ejn-shmaivnomai , f. -a±nou`mai , Med. to intimate, Xen.


ejn-skevllw , pf. ejnevsklhka , to be dry, withered, Anth.


ejn-skeuavzw , f. avsw , to get ready, prepare, Ar.

2. to dress in a garment, Plut. ; JHraklevaÆneskeuvasa dpessed you up as Hercules, Ar. :— Med. to dress oneself up in other clothes, Id.: to arm oneself, Xen .:—Pass to be equipped, Hdt.

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