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ejn-tavfio" »a±1/4, on , ( tavfo" ) of or used in burial: hence as Subst. , ejntavfion, tov , a shroud, windingsheet, Simon., Anth.

2. ejntavfia, tav , offerings to the dead, obsequies, Soph.

e[ntea, [ENTEA

[ENTEA , wn, tav , fighting gear, arms, armour, Hom.

II. furniture, appliances, e[ntea daitov" Od.; e[ntea nhov" rigging, tackle, h. Hom. ; e[nth divfrou the harness, Aesch.


ejn-teivnw , f. -tenw` : pf. -tevta±ka , pass. -tevta±mai :— to stretch or strain tight: Pass. , divfro" iJma`sin ejntevtatai is hung on tight-stretched straps, Il.; gevfurai ejntetamevnai a bridge with the mooring-cables made taught, Hdt .; ejntetamevnou tou` swvmato" being braced up, Plat.

2. to stretch a bow tight, i. e. string it for shooting ( cf. ejntanuvw ), Eur. ; so in Med. to string ones bow, Id.:— Pass. , tovxa ejntetamevna bows ready strung, Hdt.

3. ejnteivnein nau`n podiv to keep a ships sail taught by the sheet, Eur.
4. to tie tight, Id.
II. metaph. to strain, exert: —so in Med. , fwnh;n ejnteinavmeno" Aeschin .; ejnteinavmenoi th;n aJrmonivan pitching the tune high, Ar .:—and in Pass. , ejnteinovmeno" , on the stretch, eager, Xen.

2. to carry on vigorously, Plut.
3. so intr. in Act. to exert oneself, be vehement, Eur.
III. to stretch out at or against, plhgh;n ejnteivnein tiniv , Lat. plagam intendere , to lay a blow on him, Xen.

IV. to put into verse, Plat.


ejn-teicivzw , f. Att. iw` , to build or fortify in a place, Xen.

II. in Med. to wall in, i.e. blockade, Thuc.


ejnteknovomai , Dep. to beget children in, Plut. From e[ntekno"


e[n-tekno" , on , ( tevknon ) having children, Luc.


ejn-teleutavw , f. hvsw , to end ones life in a place, Thuc.


ejn-telhv" , ev" , ( tevlo" ) complete, full, Ar ., Thuc. 2. of victims, perfect, unblemished, Soph.
3. of soldiers and their equipments, in good condition, effective, Thuc.
4. of men, full-grown, Aesch.

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