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ejn-tevllw , mostly in Med. , f. -telou`mai , to enjoin, command, tiv tini Hdt ., etc. ; ejntevllesqai ajpo; glwvssh" to command by word of mouth, Id.:— Pass. , ta; ejntetalmevna commands, Id., Xen.


ejn-tevmnw , Ion. -tavmnw , f. -temw` , to cut in, engrave upon, ejn toi`si livqoisi gravmmata Hdt.

II. to cut up,
1. to cut up the victim, sacrifice, Thuc.
2. to cut in, shred in, as herbs in a medical mixture, a[ko" ejnt . Aesch.
3. to cut in two, Luc.


e[nteron , tov , ( ejntov" ) an intestine, piece of gut, e[nteron oijov" a string of sheeps gut, Od.:—mostly in pl. e[ntera , the guts, bowels, Il., Att. Hence ejnterovneia


ejnterovneia , hJ , the timber of a ship, belly-timber, Ar.


ejntesi-ergov" , ovn , ( e[rgon ) working in harness, hJmivonoi ejnt . draught- mules, Il.


ejntevta±mai , pf. pass. of ejnteivnw . Hence ejntetamevnw"


ejnteta±mevnw" , Adv. vehemently, vigorously, Hdt.


ejnteu`qen , Ion. ejnqeu`ten , Adv. ( e[nqen ):

I. of Place, hence or thence, Lat. hinc or illinc, Od., etc.
II. of Time, henceforth, thenceforth, thereupon, Hdt ., etc. ; toujnteu`qen Eur .; tajnteu`qen what remains, Aesch.

III. Causal, from that source, Thuc.


ejnteuqeniv »i<Eth>1/4 , strengthd. form of foreg., Ar.


ejnteuktikov" , hv, ovn , affable, Plut. From e[nteuxi"


e[nteuxi" , ew", hJ , ( ejntugcavnw ) a lighting upon, meeting with, converse, intercourse, tino" with a person, Aeschin.

2. a petition, Plut .: intercession for a person, N.T.

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