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e{x, {EX

{EX , oiJ, aiJ, tav , indecl. six, Hom ., etc. —In composition, before d k p , it becomes eJk , as e{kdracmo", eJkkaivdeka, e{kpleqro" ; or has a inserted, as eJxavklino" , etc.


ejxaggeliva , hJ , information sent out to the enemy, Xen.


ejx-aggevllw , f. elw` , to send out tidings, report, of traitors and the like, Il., Att. :— Med. to cause to be proclaimed, Hdt ., Soph. ; c. inf. to promise to do, Eur. :— Pass. to be reported, Hdt .; impers. , ejxaggevlletai it is reported, Id.


ejx-avggelo" , oJ, hJ , a messenger who brings out news from within, an informer, Thuc ., etc.

II. on the Greek stage, a[ggeloi told news from a distance, ejxavggeloi what was a-doing behind the scenes, as in Soph. Hence ejxavggelto"


ejxavggelto" , on , told of, denounced, Thuc.


ejx-a±givzw , to drive out as accursed: Pass. , aor. 1 part. ejxagisqeiv" , Aesch.


ejxa±gi<Eth>nevw , Ion. for ejxavgw , to lead forth, Hdt.


ejxavgisto" , on , ( ejxagivzw ) devoted to evil, accursed, abominable, Dem ., Aeschin.

II. ejxavgista holy things, matters of religion, Soph.


ejx-avgnu<Eth>mi , f. -avxw , to break and tear away, to rend, Il.


ejx-a±goravzw , f. sw , to buy up, Plut.

II. to redeem, N.T .; so in Med. , Ib.


ejxa±goreutikov" , hv, ovn , fit to explain, tino" Luc. From ejxagoreuvw


ejx-a±goreuvw (the aor. is supplied by ejxei`pon , the fut. and pf. by ejxerw`, ejxeivrhka ), to tell out, make known, declare, Od.: to betray a secret or mystery, Hdt.

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