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ejx-agriaivnw , f. a±nw` , to make savage, Plat .: —Pass. to be or become savage, Id.


ejx-agriovw , f. wvsw , to make wild or waste: Pass. to be or be made so, Aeschin. II. like foreg. to make savage, exasperate, Hdt ., Eur.


ejx-avgw , f. xw : aor. 2 -hvga±gon :— to lead out:

I. of persons, to lead or carry out from a place, Hom. , etc. : to bring forth into the world, Il.: to lead out to execution, Hdt.
b. to march out ( sub. stratovn ), Xen. : generally, to go out, Id.
2. to eject a claimant from property, Dem. , etc.
II. of merchandise, to carry out, export, Ar ., etc. :— Pass. , ta; ejxagovmena exports, Xen.
2. to draw off water, Id.
3. of building, to carry further out, Thuc.
III. to call forth, excite, davkru Eur .: —Med ., gevlwta ejxavgesqai Xen.
IV. to lead on, carry away, excite, tinav Eur ., Thuc. ; and in bad sense, to lead on, tempt, Id.:— Pass. to be led on, c. inf ., Xen. Hence ejxagwghv


ejxa±gwghv , hJ , a leading out of soldiers, Xen.

2. a drawing out of a ship to sea, Hdt.
3. a carrying out, exportation, Id., Att.


ejx-a±gwnivzomai , f. Att. iou`mai , Dep. to struggle hard, Eur.


ejx-agwvnio" , on , beside the mark, irrelevant, Luc.


eJxavd-arco" , on , ( eJxav" ) leader of a body of six, Xen.


ejx-av/dw , f. -av/somai , to sing out, sing ones last song, of the swan, Plat.

II. trans. to sing of, laud, Eur.


ejxaeivrw , Ion. for ejxaivrw .


ejx-a<Eth>erovw , f. wvsw , ( ajhvr ) to make into air, volatilise, Luc.

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