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ejx-a±martavnw , f. hvsomai : aor. 2 -hvmarton :— to err from the mark, fail, Xen .: to miss ones aim, Soph.

2. to err, do wrong, sin, Hdt ., Att. ; c. acc. cogn. , ejx. ti to commit a fault, Hdt. , Soph. , etc.
II. in Pass. to be mismanaged, Plat. Hence ejxamartiva


ejxa±martiva , hJ , an error, transgression, Soph.


ejx-a±mavw , f. hvsw , to mow or reap out, to finish mowing or reaping, Trag .: —metaph. to cut out, in Med. , Eur. :— Pass. , gevnou" rJivzan ejxhmhmevno" ( part. pf .) having the race cut off root and branch, Soph.


ejx-amblovw , f. wvsw , to make to miscarry, Eur.

2. to make abortive, Ar.


ejx-ambluvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , to blunt, weaken, Plut.


ejx-a±meivbw , f. yw , to exchange, alter, ejxameivyasai trovmon having put away fear from one, Eur. :— Med. to take the place of, c. gen ., Id.; so intr. in Act. , c. dat ., fovnw/ fovno" ejxameivbwn murder following after murder, Id.

II. of Place, to change one for another, pass over, c. acc ., Aesch. , Eur. : absol. to withdraw, depart,


III. in Med. also to requite, repay, Aesch.


ejx-a±mevlgw , f. xw , to milk out, suck out, Aesch.

II. to press out, Eur.


ejx-a±melevw , to be utterly careless of a thing, c. gen ., Hdt.


eJxav-metro" »a±1/4, on , of six metres, hexameter, Hdt ., etc.


eJxav-mhno" »a±1/4, on , of, lasting six months: eJxavm . ( sc. crovno" ) , oJ , a half-year, Xen .; hJ eJxavm . ( sc. w{rh ), Hdt.


ejx-a±mhca±nevw , f. hvsw , to get out of a difficulty, c. gen ., Eur.

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