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uJlakov-mwro" .)


ejgcev"-pa±lo" , on , ( pavllw ) wielding the spear, Il.


ejg-cevw : f. -cew` : aor. I ejn-evcea , Ep. ejn-evceua , Ep. 3 sing. subj. ejgcevh/ , Ep. ejgceivh/ : pf. pass. -kevcuØmai :— to pour in, mevqu ejgc. depavessi Od.; oi\non ej" kuvlika Hdt .; ejgcei`n alone, to pour in wine, to fill the cup, Xen ., etc. :— Med. to fill ones cup, Ar.

2. of dry things, to pour in, shoot in, Od.
II. with acc. of the cup, to fill by pouring in, Xen.
III. ejgcei`n u{dwr tiniv , i.e. to fill the kleyuvdra ( q.v. ), Dem.


ejg-cqovnio" , on , in or of the country, Anth.


e[gco" , tov , a spear, lance, often in Hom. , consisting of two parts, aijcmhv and dovru , head and shaft, Il.

II. any weapon, a sword, Soph ., Eur. :— metaph. , frontivdo" e[gco" Soph. (Prob. akin to Root AK , in ajkhv, ajkwvn .)


e[gcousa , hJ , the plant alkanet, the root of which yields a red dye, Xen. (Deriv. unknown.)


ejg-cravw and -crauvw , like ejgcrivmptw , to dash against, Lat. impingere , Hdt .: —pf. part. pass ., e[san ejgkecrhmevnoi ( sc. povlemoi ) there were wars urged on, Id.


ejg-crevmptomai , Dep. to expectorate, Luc.


ejg-crhv/zw , to have need: ejgcrhv/zonta necessaries, Luc.


ejg-crivmptw or -crivptw : aor. I -evcrimya :— Pass. , aor. I ejnecrivmfqhn :— to bring near to, tw`/ »tevrmati1/4 ejgcrivmya" so as almost to touch the post, Il.; ejgcr. th;n ba`rin th`/ gh`/ to bring the boat close to land, Hdt.

II. intr. to come near, approach, tiniv Soph .:—so in Pass. , ejgcrimfqei;" puvlh/sin Il.; aijcmh; ojstevw/ ejgcrimfqei`sa the point driven to the very bone, Ib.; ajspivdÆ (i.e. ajspivdi ) ejnicrimfqeiv" dashed against

his shield, Ib.


e[gcristo" , on , rubbed in as an ointment, Theocr. From ejgcrivw

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