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ejg-crivw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. sw , to rub, anoint, tiniv with a thing, Anth.

II. to sting, prick, tiniv Plat.


ejg-cronivzw , f. Att. iØw` , to be long about a thing, to delay, Thuc .: —Pass. to become chronic, Plat.


ejg-crwvzomai , pf. ejgkevcrwsmai , Pass. to be engrained: metaph. to be amalgamated with, c. dat ., Arist.


ejg-cuvnw , late form of ejgcevw , Luc.


ejg-cutrivzw , f. sw , to expose children in an earthenware vessel: hence, to make an end of, Ar.


ejg-cwrevw , f. hvsw , to give room for doing a thing, to allow, permit, Hdt ., Xen. :— ejgcwrei` , impers. it is possible or allowable, c. dat. pers. et inf. , Plat. , Xen. , etc. : absol. , e[ti ejgcwrei` there is yet time, Plat.


ejg-cwvrio" , on , and a, on , ( cwvra ) in or of the country, Hdt ., Att.

2. as Subst. a dweller in the land, inhabitant, Soph ., Eur.
3. to; ejgcwvrion as Adv. according to the custom of the country, Thuc.


e[g-cwro" , on , ( cwvra ) = foreg., Soph.

ejgwv, jEG vW, ejgwv

jEG vW , Ep. ejgwvn before vowels, pron. of the first person; Lat. ego , I: —strengthd. e[gwge , Lat. equidem , I at least, for my part, for myself, Hom ., Att. ; Dor. ejgwvga ejgwvnga Ar .: Boeot. ijwvnga, ijwvga Id.

II. a Root ME appears in the oblique cases, viz. Gen. ejmou` , enclit. mou , Ion. and Ep. ejmevo, ejmeu`, meu , Ep. also ejmevqen :—Dat. ejmoiv , enclit. moiv , Dor. ejmivn , Acc. ejmev , enclit. me .

III. Dual, nom. and acc. N vW , Ion. and Ep. nw`i> ( cf. Lat. nos ), gen. and dat. nw`n , Ep. nw`i>n .
IV. Pl., nom. JHME `IS ; Aeol. a{mme" ; Dor. a{me" :—Gen., hJmw`n , Ion. hJmevwn , Ep. hJmeivwn , Dor. aJmw`n :—Dat. hJmi`n , in Att. Poets also hJmivn ( ) or h|min ; Aeol. and Dor. a[mmiØn, a[mmiØ , Dor. also aJmivn :—Acc. hJma`" , Ion. hJmeva" ; Aeol. a[mme , Dor. aJmev .


ejgw\/da, ejgw\/mai , crasis for ejgw; oi\da, ejgw; oi\mai .


ejgwvn, ejgwvga, ejgwvnga , dialectic forms of ejgwv, e[gwge .

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