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III. of prophecies, dreams, events, to be accomplished, come true, Hdt .; ojrqo;n ejx . to come out right, Soph. ; mh; ejxevlqh/ safhv" lest he turn out a true prophet, Id.


ejxerw` , v. ejxerevw A.


ejx-erwevw , f. hvsw , to swerve from the course, Il.


ejxesavwsa , aor. I of ejksaovw .


ejx-esqivw , f. -evdomai : pf. -edhvdoka : aor. 2 -evfa±gon :— to eat away, eat up, Ar.


ejx-evsqw , =foreg., Aesch.


ejxesiva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( ejxivhmi ) a sending out, mission, embassy, Hom.


e[xesi" , ew", hJ , ( ejxivhmi ) a dismissal, divorce, Hdt.


ejxevssuØto , 3 sing. Ep. aor. 2 pass. of ejkseuvw .


ejxestavnai »a±1/4 , for ejxesthkevnai , pf. inf. of ejxivsthmi .


e[x-esti , imper. ejxevstw , subj. e[xh/ , opt. ejxeivh , inf. ejxei`nai , part. ejxovn : impf. ejxh`n : f. ejxevstai , opt. ejxevsoito : impers. (the only forms in use of e[x-eimi ):— it is allowed, it is in ones power, is possible, c. inf ., Hdt. : c. dat. pers. et inf. , Id., Att. ; e[x. soi ajndri; genevsqai Xen .: —c. acc. pers. et inf. , Ar. :— part. neut. absol. , ejxovn since it was possible, Hdt ., Aesch. , etc.


ejx-etavzw : f. -etavsw : aor. I -hvtasa , Dor. -hvtaxa : pf. -hvtaka :— Pass. , f. -etasqhvsomai : aor. I -htavsqhn : pf. -hvtasmai :— to examine well or closely, inquire into, scrutinise, review, Theogn ., Att.

2. of troops, to inspect, review, Thuc ., etc. :—generally, to pass in review, enumerate, Dem.
II. to examine or question a person closely, Hdt ., Soph. , etc.
III. to estimate, compare, ti prov" ti one thing by or with another, Id.
IV. to prove by testing, of gold, Id.:—in Pass. with part. , ejxetavzetai parwvn he is proved to have been present, Plat. ; ejxetavzesqai fivlo" ( sc. w[n ) Eur. ; c. gen ., tw`n ejcqrw`n ejxetavzesqai to be found in the number of the enemies, Dem.

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