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1. to inquire into a thing, Od.; so in Med. , Ib.
2. to inquire of a person, Ib.; and in Med. , Ib. II to search through, Ib.


ejx-erhmovw , f. wvsw , to make quite desolate, leave destitute, abandon, Soph ., Eur. ; ejx. gevnun dravkonto" making it destitute of teeth, Id.:— Pass. to be left destitute, Ar.


ejx-erivzw , f. sw , to be contumacious, Plut. Hence ejxeristhv"


ejxeristhv" , ou`, oJ , a stubborn disputant, Eur.


ejx-ermhneuvw , f. sw , to interpret accurately, Luc.


ejx-evromai , Ion. -eivromai : f. -erhvsomai : aor. 2 -hrovmhn , inf. -erevsqai : Dep. :

1. to inquire into a thing, Od., Soph.
2. to inquire of a person, Il., Soph.


ejx-evrpw : aor. I -eivrpuØsa :— to creep out of, e[k tino" Ar.

2. absol. to creep out or forth, Soph ., Ar. ; of an army, ouj tacu; ejxevrpei Xen.


ejxevrrw , only in imperat. , e[xerre gaiva" away out of the land! Eur.


ejx-eruvkw »u<Eth>1/4 , f. xw , to ward off, repel, Soph.


ejx-eruvw , Ion. -eiruvw : aor. I -eivruØsa , Ep. -evruØsa and -eivrussa , Ion. 3 sing. aor. I -eruvsaske :— to draw out of, c. gen ., Il.; ijcquva" e[ktosqe qalavssh" ejxevrusan Od.:—also, to snatch out of, ejxeivruse ceiro;" tovxon Il.: to tear out, Od.


ejx-evrcomai , f. -eleuvsomai (but in Att. e[xeimi supplies the fut. , as also the impf. ejxhv/ein ): aor. 2 ejxh`lqon : Dep. :— to go or come out of, c. gen. loci, Hom. , Hdt. , etc. ; of an actor, to come out on the stage, Ar. :—also c. acc ., ejx. th;n cwvrhn Hdt .: —absol. to go away, march off, Il.: also, to march out, go forth, ejpiv tina Hdt .: —c. acc. cogn. to go out on an expedition, Xen. : to go through a work, Soph

2. ejx. eij" e[legcon to stand forth and come to the trial, Eur. : to turn out so and so, Soph.
3. c. acc. rei, to execute, Thuc.
II. of Time, to come to an end, expire, Hdt ., Soph.

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