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ejx-olisqavnw , f. -olisqhvsw : aor. 2 -wvlisqon :— to glide off, slip away, Il.: to glance off, as a spear from a hard substance, Eur. : to slip out, escape, Ar .: —c. acc. to elude, Id.


ejx-ovllu<Eth>mi and -uvw : f. -olevsw , Att. -olw` : aor. I -wvlesa : pf. -olwvleka :— to destroy utterly, Od., Eur. , etc.

II. Med ., with pf. 2 ejxovlwla , to perish utterly, Soph ., etc.


ejx-oloqreuvw , f. sw , to destroy utterly, N.T.


ejx-ololuvzw , f. xw , to howl aloud, Batr.


ejx-oma±livzw , f. sw , to smooth away, Babr.


ejxomhvreusi" , hJ , a demand of hostages, Plut. From ejxomhreuvomai


ejx-omhreuvomai , Med. to take as hostages, Plut.


ejxomi<Eth>levw , f. hvsw , to have intercourse, live with, tiniv Xen .: to bear one company, Eur.

II. Med. to be away from ones friends, be alone in the crowd, Id.


ejx-ovmi<Eth>lo" , on , out of ones own society, alien, Soph.


ejx-omma±tovw , f. wvsw , to open the eyes of: Pass. to be restored to sight, Soph. ap. Ar.

II. metaph. to make clear or plain, Aesch.


ejx-ovmnu<Eth>mi and -uvw : f. ejxomou`mai : aor. I ejxwvmosa :— to swear in excuse, Dem .: to swear in the negative, ejx. to; mh; eijdevnai Soph .:—mostly in Med. , to deny or disown upon oath, swear formally that one does not know a thing, Dem. , etc.

2. to decline an office by oath that one cannot perform it, Aeschin. , etc.


ejx-omoiovw , f. wvsw , to make quite like, to assimilate, Hdt ., Plat. :— Pass. to become or be like, Soph ., Eur.


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